Monday, 14 June 2010

Village Voices

On Saturday our Village Voices Community Choir sang at Litton Summer Fete. We repeated the same programme that we'd sung at Chewton Mendip Festival - Wouldn't it be Lovely; I Can See Clearly Now; Born Free; Tonight; The Rose, which we sang unaccompanied.You can see me here wearing the waistcoat that I made not so long ago, but inside out. We were all supposed to wear variations of black and white with touches of purple, so the inside lining of my waistcoat was perfect. It was a glorious summer day, so weren't the village lucky? It seems so often to be the norm for it to tip down on village fete days. It was quite a new experience for us to sing outside, but we seemed to make a reasonable noise.


Amelia said...

Not noise...but beautiful words floating about in the air. I am sure you all had a fun time performing in the open air concert.

Kay said...

Ack! I'm looking at your blog backwards and now see that it's you! The vest is perfect and I love seeing you.