Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Snow? No, dandelion spores. We payed a flying visit to see family on Friday and Saturday and stopped at a motorway service station on the way. The air was full of dandelion 'fairies' and they had blown into drifts that looked uncannily like snow.

And then we had to rub our eyes yet again when we set up at the camp site. Yes, it's a camping cat, sitting quite contendedly at the next door caravan.

And then, yet another weird sight! Number One Son enjoying the sun when we went out for lunch.


Heckety said...

It does look like snow, I've never seen that. But the dandelions are wild this year, so many of them. And I really like the camping cat, very useful- dogs are a pain when you're camping; if they don't attract leopards then they're annoying the other campers.

Kay said...

Good gracious! I've never seen dandelions send out that much of those puff balls. Wow! My husband would have such a fit.