Friday, 4 June 2010

Day Four

Yes, I know it says Day Three on the slideshow, but I forgot that Day Three was a washout. On the Saturday of our mini-break we went to Broomhill Sculpture Garden, which is part of an 'Art Hotel'. The hotel was set in its own little valley, very tranquil and beautiful. There were sculptures all the way up the drive and then we had coffee before we started on the garden. It wasn't really a garden, more a piece of countryside that they owned and had put sculptures in as a showcase for the artists; many of the pieces were for sale. There are loads more than those in the slideshow, but I've chosen the most interesting. There was also a gallery in the hotel which had smaller sculptures.

After looking around we shared a tapas plate for lunch - sorry, I forgot to take a photograph, but it was very yummy. In the afternoon we visited another garden, but the batteries on my camera ran out, so no photographs. You'll just have to take my word for it that it was a beautiful English country garden, with lakes and a stream and lots of specimen plants.
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Amelia said...

Very interesting sculpture in this garden like atmosphere...colors so bright and picturesque. Smiling or not smiling - 'tis great to see you in the shots too!

Rhonda said...

Loved looking at all the sculptures and beautiful flowers and garden scenes.

Lynn said...

What wonderful sculptures! The setting looks so peaceful and natural and it looks funny to see some of the pieces there (the red shoe). But it seems like it gets you to focus and think about each work.

Kay said...

These are such wonderful photos. I loved seeing all the sculptures... serious and whimsical. I really do like the fact that pear shaped women were once admired.

Margo in Maine said...


Jude said...

Truly amazing photo snaps and I liked that big red shoe