Thursday, 3 December 2009

Wiggly Woggly cushion

I went to another workshop yesterday, at the same place where I made the blackwork flowers a couple of weeks ago. It was another really enjoyable day, just the five of us plus the tutor, so we were able to chat as well as sew. And she served yet another lovely lunch - chicken breasts wrapped in bacon and baked, with potatoes, green beans, peas and mushrooms. For dessert there was mincemeat slice and raspberries, and then there was cheese! Wonderful.

We made these cushions; I'm pleased with the way it looks but not so happy with the way it feels, or the problems I had in sewing it. The whole thing is basically woven strips of fabric, but the problems arose because each strip was backed with bondaweb, so the top has two layers of bondaweb in it, so it feels very stiff. The embroidery thread I was using to top stitch the layers clearly didn't like going through so much glue and kept fraying and breaking, at the rate of about 5 or 6 times in each row. Extremely frustrating, as you can imagine.

And this is Rosie's latest resting place, right in the middle of the hallway, just round the corner from the stairs. I think she likes being close to the radiator. This photograph was taken with flash, but you can imagine how dark the corner is, and I'm having to peer round the corner each time I come in this direction, just to avoid treading on her.


Lynn said...

Mmmm that sounds delicious. I do like the way the cushion turned out. But that does sound incredibly frustrating, especially that your floss kept breaking. My pets always manage to sleep in the most inconvenient spot. The dog favors the middle of the kitchen floor so that I have to constantly step over her.

Amelia said...

Sounds like our pets rule the home where ever they live...but don't we love them anyway.

I bet the problems you had with the pillow were almost to the boiling point....but the day sounds like the yummy food.

Kay said...

It's a good thing that Rosie should have 9 lives.

I love the cushion. It's really pretty. Frankly though, I'd be going for those lessons for just the food. It sounds wonderful.

Candace said...

Your cushion is very pretty and your class day sounds like it was wonderful.

Tanya said...

Cats and radiators. Ours vie for the spot nearest our heater too. And when I change clothes in the morning I have to claim my spot too!