Sunday, 20 December 2009

Happy Belated Birthday Number Two

I'm feeling rather guilty. I seemed to have lots of time at the beginning of December and was able to wish Number One Son a happy birthday on my blog on the correct day. Things seem to have sped up a bit and I completely forgot to blog a happy birthday to Number Two Son last Thursday. Poor Alexander, it's always been a bit like that for his birthday, though we've always tried our best to keep it a bit special and separate from Christmas. He was actually due on Christmas Day but had the sense to turn up a week early.

He's 26 now, but he still has a wonderfully childlike joy in life. He lives in Brighton with his partner, where he's working incredibly hard to make a living as a DJ, working just two days a week in a local pub to help make ends meet. The photograph was taken at the Movida Corona National DJ Finals, where he was one of the last 5 out of 500 entrants. We're so proud of the way he's grown up. He was pretty hard work in many ways when he was a youngster, as he had ADHD and was pretty frenetic. But he was always loving, happy and wonderful to be with. He still is. Sorry it's late, son, but Many Happy Returns.


Amelia said...

Probably seems like it was just a year or so ago he was a wee child.

Is his DJ work in the pub? Or does he work in the pub in addition to being a DJ? What kind of music does he prefer?

Have a great week...are the boys coming home for Christmas?

Kay said...

My son-in-law has told us he was unhappy with his birthday on the 16th. But then his daughter was born on the 22nd. We make it special for them anyway.

Happy Birthday to your handsome Number Two son. Alexander sounds like a fabulous son! How exciting to be a D.J. I know what it's like to have a frenetic son, too. :-)