Friday, 11 December 2009

A visit from Santa

Last night we were just settling down to watch some television, when we heard loud, blaring music along the road. We went outside to find that the local Rotary Club were doing their usual charity collection. Santa was in a glass walled trailer being towed along. It's not much of a picture I'm afraid, the car didn't stop and I didn't have enough of a 'window' between the trees to take more than one picture. But the racket! You could hear it for ages, playing loud and tinny versions of Christmas songs and carols.

On Wednesday evening we treated ourselves to a visit to the Theatre Royal in Bath, to see a performance of Pride and Prejudice. Susan Hampshire (English readers will certainly know who she is) was playing Mrs Bennett. It was a highly amusing production, full of little gags and business which really brought out the themes of the book. Great fun.

Today Christopher went off to stay with his sister over night. Tomorrow he has a professional engagement to play Father Christmas for the day at the Burberry's store in Knightsbridge. From 10.00 am to 6.00pm. He's really going to earn his money; can you think of anything worse than being visited by a constant stream of excited children for eight hours! Then he's going to his old running club's Christmas party (if he can still stand by that time) where our elder son is running the disco. Then on Sunday he's going running with the club, then coming home for a well deserved rest. I think he'll be on his knees by then.

I'm having a quiet weekend at home, just me and the cat. I've got a couple of girlie films to watch (Ballet Shoes and Lost in Austen) and plenty of sewing. Bliss.


Amelia said...

We want to see pictures of Christopher in his Santa suit...he will have a busy couple of can relax and enjoy the solitude.

Jo, a retired teacher said...

Enjoy the quiet and solitude while you can.

Kay said...

I'm thrilled that you got to see Pride and Prejudice in Bath.... maybe jealous, too. When you wrote Susan Hampshire, I remembered a face. I looked her up and sure enough it's her. I used to like her a lot. I believe she was in some Disney films and I know I've seen her in other films. It's hard to imagine her as Mrs. Bennett because my memory of Susan Hampshire is when she was young.

How wonderful of Christopher to play Father Christmas. I'll bet he'll have a lot of fun. (Tell him we did go out today to buy the Vaseline. We also bought some plaster to protect a sore spot on the ball of Art's foot.)

LOL Imagine what people are wondering from that comment.

Art was very impressed that Christopher has run in so many Marathons. That's amazing!

Anita said...


Enjoy your weekend of quiet and sewing. We are supposed to be getting 1 to 2" of snow this weekend with rain mixed in. Wonder what kind of a mess that will make.

Gina said...

I bet Christopher has a whale of a time as Santa. Dad used to play Santa for the local schools and he used to love it

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Amanda dear---if you could send me your address (again), you might have another 'visit from Santa' before C'mas :0)
(My PIF's are alllmost done)