Monday, 28 December 2009

Getting back to normal

Well, Christmas is over for this year, and we're on the run up to New Year. We had snow last week, but it didn't stop our two sons getting to us on Christmas Eve, though they were slowed down by some heavy fog.

Christmas Day dawned sunny with wonderful blue skies, as you can see from these photographs. After breakfast we went outside and fed the ponies some festive carrots and apples.

Our drive was really icy, so Alexander had a grand time turning it into an ice slide.

Sadly they had to leave on Boxing Day, after lunch, as they were both working on Sunday. We loaded them up with food before they went. I hate to see them go, but hopefully we'll get down to visit them in a few weeks time.

I received some lovely presents, including loads of books to read and a couple of cookery books as well, so I can see some new recipes in our future. Christopher gave me a voucher to spend at Midsomer Quilting, so I'm having great fun planning what to spend it on. I'm thinking of treating myself to a June Tailor Shape Cut Ruler - have any of you tried it? What do you think of it?


Amelia said...

Wonderful that you got to spend Christmas with "the men" in your life. We had a horrible snow storm so everything was cancelled or postponed...we have scheduled for New Year's day to do our gift exchange with my daughter and her family but there is another snow storm coming who knows. We don't do gifts with Leon's family (long story) except send the grandchildren (young ones) and great grandchildren money...of which we do not hear what they do with their money nor a thank you...Yes, I am bitter about that.

Some new books...looking forward to hearing about the new recipes you will be trying.

May 2010 bring you many wonderful happenings.

Heckety said...

I've been catching up on all of your posts. Your quilts and embroidery are just gorgeous!Well done on getting the tree one done'n'hung for Christmas! Glad your boys got safely to you, and safely away for Christmas...but if that was the state of your sitting room on Christmas Day I'm hopeful that our girls will improve in time too! Ours was a shocking state for about three days, as everyone fiddled with everyone else's presents, read their books, argued what they should buy with their tokens, etc! The Pantomime is big here too, the local amataur one being booked out weeks in advance every year. They don't even bother advertising any more! The Hub used to be in them every year, and Dilly too, exhausting.

Gina said...

Glad your two boys got to you safely.
A blog friend of mine had the shape cut ruler and she loves it.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

scraphappy said...

It sounds like you had a lovely holiday. I'm so glad you got a chance to see your family.
I do have one of the shape cut rulers and it works quite well when I remember to use it. I've never tried the more elaborate shapes, but it is handy when you need to do loads and loads of strips. Nothing earth shattering though.

Kay said...

I love it that the boys were with you for Christmas! I wish my kids could be with us for the holidays, too. It's hard to be away from our children.

I was always fascinated by fog because it felt so ethereal and gothic. I don't get to see fog much in Hawaii.