Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Happy Birthday Number One Son

As every year passes I find it difficult to believe that my sons are as old as they are. Number One Son, Oliver, is 28 today. I don't know about you, but on each of their birthdays I offer up a silent prayer of thanks that another year has passed without serious mishap.

Life hasn't always been easy for Oliver, but he's grown up to be a wonderful young man, thoughtful, caring and as quirky as all get out! We only get to see him every five or six weeks these days, but I always look forward to it so much. We're neither of us great telephone chatters, so our calls tend to be brief and to the point, but we have such fun when we get together.

This weekend we're off in our camper van to Brighton, where we will be able to spend Saturday with both of our sons - a rare and wonderful occurrence - celebrating Oliver's birthday from this week and Number Two Son's birthday which will come up on the 17th December.

Happy Birthday Oliver,


Lynn said...

Hmmm, interesting hat. Enjoy your weekend, it sounds wonderful, spending time with both your sons at once.

Jo in TAS said...

Happy Birthday to your Number one son! I really get how much you love your boys from your post.
Enjoy your time with them

Kay said...

Happy Birthday to Oliver. He sounds like such a fun guy. My son is 31 and had his share of mishaps. We never stop worrying about them, do we? I thought one son was tiring to worry over and you've got TWO. Have a terrific time in Brighton. I've read about Brighton in so many regency novels.

Amelia said...

So what was the story behind the shot of Oliver posing with the hat and shield? So glad you enjoyed the time with your "boys" to you - men to the rest of the world. It seems to us parents our children are still young.

Pia said...

Happy Birthday to Oliver and enjoy the gathering in Brighton.
Hugs Pia

Candace said...

He looks like a character, a loveable one at that. Your boys are almost as close together as my brothers (birthday wise). Mine are 2 years apart, but one has a birthday the last day of November, and the other the first day of December. Hope you are having a lovely trip.