Sunday, 30 November 2008

Stitcheries, packages and autumn walks (146)

I really must try to write a little more often. At the moment I seem only to write when I have lots of pictures to share all at once. I guess that's why I was never any good at keeping a diary, not motivated enough to write every day.

Well, today is grey, wet and cold, so I've come back to bed to catch up with everyone and write my own blog. My DH is out running (and I'm trying hard not to giggle to myself at the contrast!).

Okay, so what have I been up to? I finished Number 2 son's shirt and sent it to him, having forgotten to take a photograph, so I have asked him to send one of him wearing it. I've done a couple of Christmas stitcheries, with Mrs Martin's Quilt Shop's Cyber Stitching Day, a table centre and a stocking. The table centre was done with some wonderful plastic that you draw the design on, then stitch it to the fabric, and then it washes away once you're finished. Amazing.
From New Album 30/11/2008 10:33
From New Album 30/11/2008 10:33

Yesterday the postman brought me yet another package! Such fun. This was for Chookyblue's Secret Santa Christmas Swap.
From Amanda's Musings
Once I'd opened the envelope I found a plastic wrapped package.
From Amanda's Musings
Could I take the plastic off? Yes, there was Christmas paper underneath.
From Amanda's Musings
Could I rip off the paper? NO!! It has to wait for Christmas, and I'm not going to be tempted.

From Autumn
Yesterday we went out for a walk in the park. It was a bit damp and jolly chilly, and got colder the longer we were out, but it was good to get a breath of fresh air. These pictures are a bit more wintery than those I took a few weeks ago.
From Autumn
Now that I'm feeling better I really need to start getting out for longer walks to build up my fitness again.
From Autumn
We met a squirrel who was busy collecting mouthfuls of leaves to take home to line his drey for the winter and he wasn't going to be put off by us stopping and taking photographs!
From Autumn
From Autumn


Gina said...

How great that you've got your SSCS parcel. How are you going to resist opening it.

Love the photos of the walk. Any squirrels we see are swiftly chased off by you know who.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Clare said...

Lovely little stitcheries. Must admit that I giggled about you still warm and cosy in bed and your DH jogging!

We don't have grey squirrels - can you believe it! We have RED ONES!

Catherine said...

Those stitcheries are wonderful! When my SSCS package arrives I'm giving it to DH to tuck away. It will be TOO tempting!! LOL
I hope the squirrels here have gathered all they need for winter warmth -- we have, they say, a big snow storm arriving sometime today.

Brenda said...

Your stitching projects are wonderful. While walking, seeing nature makes the effort worthwhile and enjoyable. Have a great day.

Rhonda said...

I love your pictures and your writings. Take care.

Kay said...

I can almost feel the nip in the air. Your holiday packages look very intriguing indeed. I sure do know what it's like to suddenly not know what to post. I have something to post but I have to go get the photos now.

scraphappy said...

It looks so cold and chilly, I think if I lived there, I'd be snuggled up inside rather than out running as well. The stitcheries are very pretty, they seem to come together so fast, but I'm sure they must take a long time to complete.

Becky said...

Glad that you are feeling better! It seems to take longer these days to "bounce" back. Love your new blog header. It is cold and wet here in my part of the US today.

Take care!

Sheryl said...

Hi Amanda, that little squirrel is so cute, it looks very wintery and cold over there. Your very good not to open your SSCS parcel before Christmas, I'd be too excited to wait,...
the Christmas stitcheries you have done are really lovely, did you stitch them by hand, the stocking looks like it was quick to do and I can imagine how lovely your table will look with the table centre...

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Amanda your stitcheries from Mrs. Martin look have done a great job

Lynn said...

Looks like a lovely walk. And again - you've been busy - very pretty ,festive stitchery. Good for you - I'm waiting to open my sscs too!

Tanya said...

Actually your forest doesn't look that much different from mine! And here we are on different continents! Your stitchery is beautiful!

Di said...

Amanda, I love your beautiful photographs, especially the one with the carpet of leaves and the tracery of bare branches. It looks rather cooler there than it is here in Australia where it's officially the second day of summer and we are enjoying lots of sunshine. So pleased I discovered your blog!

Purpleflowerpatch said...

Your table centre and Christmas stocking are beautiful!!

anthony said...

Great!! This is very funny the package!!!

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