Thursday, 20 November 2008

Practising my quilting(143)

I've just finished four projects which gave me an opportunity to practice my free motion quilting. I'm getting smoother, but I really should do more if I am to make real progress. 
From Amanda's Musings

I made two almost identical hangings for my two sons. I've bought them advent calendars in the past, but they're both far too busy to open those now, so these should cheer their flats up for Christmas. They're ready printed panels which I've quilted with red metallic thread. I've done simple meandering with occasional stars and holly leaves.
From Amanda's Musings
I've also made two table runners - one for me and one for my cleaner (that one's a commission!!). The first one has Ohio Star blocks, although the stars don't show up very well, and the second one has Friendship Star blocks.
From Amanda's Musings
I've quilted with both with the same red metallic thread, and kept to the same simple meandering with a few loops, and some holly leaves and stars.

And now I'm on to my big Christmas project, Friends for Christmas quilt. I've finished all the applique and need to do the borders and then think about how I'm going to quilt it. I'll post a picture soon.


Candace said...

Very Christmasy and cheerful. The quilting looks good to me, and I'm sure that the wall hangings will brighten up your son's flats for the holidays.

Gina said...

Well done for aking the plunge with the free machine quilting. All it takes is loads and loads of practise.
Love the panels and the table runners

Love and hugs gina xxx

Brenda said...

I enlarged your photos to get a closer look; you did a great job on all of them. These projects will definetly add charm to each home. Great job!

Rhonda said...

Your free-motion looks great from here. You go girl!

Amelia said...

Love the Santa Claus one...I have a collection of Santas - so my eyes are always on the look out for them.

Have a great day!

Tanya said...

I haven't done a thing for Christmas yet. My poor family. I ought to start a tradition and give my kids a Christmas ornament or something made every year but I don't think I'm going to get around to it this year!

Julie said...

You are getting to be quite the prolific quilter!

Kay said...

Love them all! You amaze me so much, Amanda.

Sheryl said...

Amanda, you have done a great job on the wall-hangings and the table runners, the quilting design you have done sounds very clever. Earlier this year I started my Friends for Christmas thinking i might get it done for this such luck it fell off my list, maybe next year.. look forward to your photos..