Tuesday, 16 September 2008


Today's the day - the postman brought my bag from Linda's Bag and Bucket Swap. It was made by a lovely lady called Liz in Australia - you should really look at her blog if you haven't discovered it yet, she does so much absolutely beautiful craft work. 

The bag is wonderful, a design I haven't seen before, but I know how useful it will be. I think I can put it to immediate use for my Dear Jane blocks. The stitchery is exquisite - she must have perfect eyesight, I could never get my stitches that small I'm sure.

The bag is a Bronwyn Hayes design from her book 'Flowerbed', and the angel stitchery is also from this book. Isn't it gorgeous?

This lovely sewing machine is from a design by Ella and Skysie.

This is the needlecase, with a dinky little button on it. There's also space at the back of it to tuck something in.

There are two pockets, one for scissors - isn't the scissors charm cute, I've never seen one of those before - and one for a pencil.

This drawstring bag is attached to the middle of the bag, at the base, and will be so useful for keeping fabric, patterns, etc in.

Then there was an Australian tea towel - you can never have too many tea towels can you?

And some lovely fabric. Aren't I the lucky one? Things like this confirm my belief that most people are absolutely wonderful and make the world a much better place. Thank you so much Liz, and I look forward to seeing your comments in future now that you don't have to lurk secretly! 


Anonymous said...

How wonderfull this bag is for you, love the sewing machine design,
Enjoy your bag Amanda, its great.
Take care.

I had a look at the web site of the shop you went to on monday, i like oldly type buildings

Linda said...

Wow - what a wonderful bag! LIz did a great job! Love the bag & love the fabric!

scraphappy said...

Congratulations! What beautiful handwork! The stitching is indeed exquisite. I think you are correct that most people are out there trying to do good things. I think some people just follow through more often than others.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

How beautiful, lucky you, your bag is just gorgeous....

Sue R said...

Your new bag is just lovely, Amanda. I think the handles are really cool too. You *are* the lucky one! That sounds like it was a fun swap.

My, you've begun the Dear Jane journey, have you? I must have gotten a dozen or so blocks done, then drifted on to something else and never got back to it. Some of them I hand pieced. I really enjoyed working on them, and the miniature size appeals to me. I should get back to it sometime.

What is dorking?

Julie said...

Wow, you hit the jackpot!! Such a detailed bag Liz made. Even stitchery on the handles. I love it.

Gina said...

What a great bag. I'm thinking of doing that one for my stitching Angel. I haven't decided yet .

Love and hugs Gina xxx

liz said...

Hi Amanda,
I'm so happy that you like the bag. I really enjoyed making it for you.
I can't believe how quickly you received it as well.
Thank-you for all the lovely compliments you make my head swell :)
Looking forward to keeping in touch. Kind regards from Liz

Carol said...

Yes Amanda, you are definately the lucky one! Congrats!! :D

Candace said...

What a wonderful post day. Everything is beautiful and it sounds like you'll be putting it to good use. Good luck with your Dear Jane, you'll do it beautifully.

Jo in Tas said...

oOOHH I do love that bag! Liz has done a wonderful job

Linda said...

What a gorgeous bag, and such a useful one, lots of places to put all those different things we stitchers use.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful bag


Carla said...

I love your bag! I almost made that one for my swap partner but chose another one in the pattern booklet as I'm not so great with stitchery. I just might have to try it, though, after seeing yours. I especially like the sewing machine!

Rhonda said...

Wow... wonderful bag! Love all the pockets.