Monday, 15 September 2008

The Quilt Room, Dorking (116)

Whilst I was at the Quilt Room this morning I took a few pictures of the upstairs workroom. The building dates from early Tudor times, and has not been much altered inside since then. The Quilt Room is of course the home of the authors of The Jelly Roll Quilt Book.

This is the seating and sewing area. There's enough space for about 14 people to sit, though it's a squeeze to get round behind them. At the end there's a display wall for whatever is being taught.

This is the Dear Jane copy quilt that was on display.

From Amanda's Musings
Off to one side is the ironing area - the oak beams date from when the building was first built, and would have been the original internal wall; the beams would have been covered in lath and plaster. The narrow staircase goes down the other side of the oak beams. You can just see the kitchen door which goes to a tiny kitchen which has been carved out of the space.

They always have loads of quilts on display, at the moment many of them using the patterns in the Jelly Roll book. It gives the shop such a cosy feel. You can just see a tiny part of the shop at the bottom of the stairs.

Next time I visit I'll try and take some photographs of the shop itself.


Amelia said...

It does look like tight working quarters - but everything you need is there I suppose...don't remember any sewing machines though...but maybe that is not part of the program.

Will enjoy seeing more of the building next time around.

Linda said...

Nice! Great pics! Can't wait to see more! It has a lovely cozy look to it! Thank you for sharing!

julia said...

Hi Amanda,
thank you so much for that photos! I recently bought my own copy of jelly roll quilts, visited the website of The Quilt Room and wished I could visit the shop in persona ;o)
The DJ Quilt is just beautiful...when I'm "grown up" (as a quilter) I will start (and finish, hopefully) one of my own...
Cheers, Julia

Lynn said...

The Dear Jane Quilt is stunning. And you are starting your own Dear Jane!! Good for you - I'm impressed. I think there may be one in my future (distant) - I have to finish my UFO's first.

Anita said...

I admire you taking on the adventure. I bought a book about the Civil War Love letters and was thinking that I should buy some reproduction fabrics and make the blocks from the book. So far it has only progressed to thinking.