Sunday, 7 September 2008


Firstly, thank you to everyone who commented on my last post. I needed a moan, but didn't want to moan yet again to DH. He has enough to put up with, poor man, and worries quite enough about me already. So thank you for your positive comments, they really did help. 

I've finished the shirt I was making for DH. He's always been very fond of bright casual shirts, so this fits the bill perfectly! It's a 20s style travel print, with travel posters, liners etc. Great material. And if he doesn't really like it (he says he does, but he may be being kind) he can put it away, since the summer is all but gone now, and 'forget' to dig it out next year!

And indeed, where is our Indian Summer that usually turns up just as the children go back to school? We've had so much rain over the last week or so that I'm beginning to develop webbed feet! Luckily we don't live near a river, so no danger of flooding, but there are so many people in the UK who are suffering badly, with much flooding over the last few years. Something to take care about when we move.

The bag, for Linda's Bag and Bucket Swap, was dispatched on Friday, along with the first of my three stitcheries for the Stitcher's Angel swap. I completely forgot to take a photograph of the bag, even though it's been hanging on my door handle for weeks, so hope the recipient posts one that I can pinch for my album. My partner for the Stitcher's Angel doesn't have a blog, and doesn't seem to read mine, but I'd better not risk showing you a picture just yet.

I'm working on the last of the three stitcheries, then it's on to Chookyblue's Secret Santa Swap project, and then I've signed up for Jo-Anne's (at The Carter Clan) Christmas ornament swap. This is a new one, so if you're interested head on over there and sign up.  Am I completely mad? All these swaps take time - I'm much more careful than if they were for my own use! And then I've got family Christmas gifts to sort out, and Christmas cards to make. And I simply must get a snuggler quilt made for myself before it gets too chilly. I'm already needing to wrap up in the evening when we watch television and the shawl I've been using for the last few years just isn;t quite big enough and is starting to look a bit manky now. So, time to treat myself.

So, time to stop sitting here and waffling on. Have a good day,


Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda

Did you have any fabric left over from the great travel theme shirt, you can add it to your new idea of a quilt to keep you warm, as there is nice warm colours on the shirt, Great job done there,
Take care

Amelia said...

The shirt turned quite nicely! The print/fabric choice makes for a perfect travel item.

Have a great week.

Brenda said...

I received my ruler in the mail yesterday. What a great tool to have! Thank you so much for sharing, I know I will get a ton of valuable use with it! Wow, you are a busy person...have fun with all your projects!

Gina said...

Glad to hear that you are feeling slightly better. I suffer from chronic anxiety myself and know how up and down days can be.
Hang on in there, we're all rooting for you.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Lynn said...

I admire your shirt making abilities. I sewed for my girls when they were little but was useless at making button holes. You've already gotten one of your stitcher's angel gifts done. I'm almost finished my first one and I want to get it off this week. Wish me luck!

scraphappy said...

The shirt turned out great, I certainly hope it will get worn. The Old Hurricane road would make a great snuggler. You could easily replace all of those pesky little pinwheels with a focus fabric and get the same general effect. Except for that step it really went together in a hurry.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Woooooooweeeee! That's a "hot-hot" shirt! I bet Christopher is a knockout in it!!!

And, yup....just a WEE bit crazy with all those swaps! Yikers! However, they'll keep you out of trouble!
Have fun, sew steady!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda
I have tagged you on my blog, as this is all new to me i hope i did it right,
Take care

Kay said...

Tell Christopher to bring that shirt to Hawaii. He would fit right in. It's perfect and gorgeous!