Monday, 15 September 2008

Dear Jane, (115)

Dear Jane,

I've loved looking at your quilt and all the copies that have been inspired by it. I've enjoyed reading information about your quilt and been fascinated by the number of people who have started their own. In fact, I've been somewhat awestruck by the number of people who've decided to make the commitment to complete the whole lot. I've often been tempted to buy the book and make my own, but I've always held back - until now. 

The owner of my local quilt shop bought a complete copy of the Jane A Stickle quilt which had been displayed at a recent quilt show. She decided to put it on show once a fortnight at the shop. All I had to do to see it again was to turn up at 10 o'clock this morning. Great, I thought, I'd love to see it more closely. So along I trotted. Once there, I discovered that it was actually a short, hour-long workshop which is going to be held once a fortnight to make one of the blocks. Ah well, I thought, now I'm here ... so I bought some fabric scraps, borrowed a few tools and made the first block. And then - as if you haven't already guessed - I bought the book. So I guess that's me sorted out for the foreseeable future, never going to be bored, never going to hunt around for something to do. There's always going to be another block to do (and another, and another ....).
So, Dear Jane, here's my first block, and the start of a new journey for me,

Reluctantly yours, 


Amelia said...

Have fun on this new avenue you are taking in the quilting world.

Do show us your blocks as they progress....are you going with a special color theme...or whatever comes along.

Enjoy the week.


Linda said...

Amanda, I have this book and I've done about 40 of the blocks. It is on my on-going to do list. I take it out every now and again and work on a block. I will eventually get a small quilt or whatever out of it. I enjoy it but it is not on the front burner. You will not get bored with this book. I am truly amazed that Jane Stickle did this quilt without any of the great gadgets that we have now. She did this quilt and made up these blocks herself to keep busy during war time..Amazing story. If you get a chance, go the the Dear Jane website. There's a group you can join if you want to but they give you all kinds of tips to help you along the way. Pleasant journey, Linda

Quilt Pixie said...

I hear you Amanda! I too have been resisting, knowing that even if I start I'll never ever see such a project through to completion... Some days are harder then others, and you wonderful square was temptation. But I am strong, I will hold firm in the face of temptation... at least for another few days :-)

Jo in Tas said...

I've got the book too, now all I need to do is start!

Clare said...

I love Dezr Jane quilts and like you, haven't been able to pluck up the courage to even start. My favourite of all times is the one made by Cathi at Celtic Knots.

Tanya said...

Good for you! I guess we'll know where to look for you. In your sewing chair right?

Bec said...

What a fabulous story of how you 'walked into' a new project!
Thanks for sharing.
Bec xxx