Sunday, 21 September 2008


It looks as if it's going to be yet another beautiful autumn day. DH is just about to leave for his Sunday morning run. Most Sundays his club runs from the health club and sticks to local paths, but every month he organises a run slightly further afield, what he calls an 'expeditionary run'. Today they're running on the North Downs, a hilly ridge that runs across England just south of London. Part of the run takes them through a school set in parkland designed by Capability Brown. Before becoming a school the estate was owned by the Coleman's Mustard family. He thinks the run is about 8 miles long and has plenty of hills to contend with. Rather him than me.

Yesterday was gorgeous too - we really are having our Indian Summer after all. We went to Brighton to meet No 2 son and his partner for lunch. Brighton was absolutely packed, the sunshine had brought everyone out. 

We were late getting there because we had people come to view the house (they might be serious as they brought parents and brother-in-law and stayed for about 45 minutes!) but at least that meant that we managed to find a seat in the restaurant. This is one of the Lanes, the narrow pedestrian streets that date from way back when - I don't think cars have ever been allowed down them, and most are even narrower than this.
From Brighton 21/09/2008 08:59

These pictures are from a shop called Choccy Woccy Doo Da!
From Brighton 21/09/2008 08:59
From Brighton 21/09/2008 08:59
I'm sorry about the reflections, but really wanted to take these photographs to show you. These amazing confections are all made out of chocolate. The shop makes all its own chocolate, and you can buy small bags and boxes of individual chocolates, but it specialises in making the most wonderful cakes for special occasions. Friends of ours had one for their Civil Ceremony and for their joint birthday party. Delicious.

After lunch we walked down to the beach, which was absolutely full to bursting
From Brighton 21/09/2008 08:59
From Brighton 21/09/2008 08:59
- I reckon the shopkeepers made more yesterday than throughout the whole summer!  We had ice creams for dessert - can you see DH wearing his new shirt that I made him? Brighton Council has done a huge amount of work over the last few years developing the sea front. There's no sand, but it still attracts lots of people because of the activities available and the number of shops and cafes.
From Brighton 21/09/2008 08:59
We sat on the beach for about an hour just chatting and throwing stones. Here's No 2 son setting up a target.
From Brighton 21/09/2008 08:59
I couldn't resist taking yet another (rather blurred) picture of the old pier
From Brighton 21/09/2008 08:59
- I've written about it before, but it was the original Victorian pier that sadly got burnt down some years ago and there just isn't the money available to restore it.

Once home we were in time to see the new series of Strictly Come Dancing. I love that show (in America it's called Dancing with the Stars) and it really tells you that autumn is here - every Saturday evening until Christmas you'll find us glued to the screen at about that time.


Amelia said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day...I so enjoyed seeing the pictures and hearing about the day. Beautiful weather just added to the fun.

Enjoy today!


Gina said...

Love the photos, and those cakes look scrummy.
Isn't this weather gorgeous. I'm getting so much done out the garden and Stanley's walks are a lot more enjoyable in the sun.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

scraphappy said...

What a wonderful day! It sounds truly glorious. I love that Christopher is wearing the shirt you made for him. It looks great. Best of luck on the house viewing. It only takes one buyer as long as it is the right one.

Gail said...

JoAnne Carter sent me to your sight. The pier is amazing. My husband has been to england and talks of it often.

Gretchen said...

Thanks for taking us along on your day trip via the internet! I loved the cakes..almost too pretty to eat...and the photos of the beach. Autumn looks fabulous in England!

Rhonda said...

Chocolate did you say. Yummy! I could eat up the whole shop....LOL

Clare said...

Oh poor West Pier. We've a great friend who lives West Sussex. He's does some fabulous water colours of WP before it caught fire a few years ago and is/was on the committee.

I love Strictly too. Isn't John Sargent brill!

Lynn said...

Wonderful pictures and such a nice day. I hope you bought some chocolate at that shop. I am fascinated by the stones on the beach - they seem so colorful. I love the cemetary pictures. It looks like the people who looked at your house may be serious.

Tanya said...

I'm finally back at the computer visiting blogs. It looks like a grand time at Brighton and all the shops look intriguing. I would love to make a stop in that chocolate store!
Your hubby looks very handsome in is shirt made with love!

Anonymous said...

Its sounds a great day out,
Glad you got a pic of the pier, as they seam to be disapearing from our shores now, good to have a reminder of them,
Take care

liz said...

Hi Amanda, Oh wow those cakes are amazing. You wouldn't want to cut them. Hubby's shirt looks good too.
We have 'Dancing with the Stars' on here in Australia too, on Sunday nights. I just love it especially the dance costumes. I would love to be able to dance like that :)
Have a great day. Kind regards from Liz

liz said...

Hi Amanda, Oh wow those cakes are just amazing. You wouldn't want to cut them. Hubby's shirt looks good too. You did a very nice job.
We have Dancing with the Stars on tv here in Australia too, on Sunday nights. I just love it especially the dance costumes.
Have a great day. Kind regards from Liz

Brenda said...

Oh thanks for sharing the wonderful photos, what amazing pictures. Have a great day.

Anita said...

Your fall day is looking much better than ours. We have grey sky and rain. I'm still holding out hope for a sunny crisp fall. Love the view of the cakes, shops and beach. I gave up making shirts long ago when I took up quilting. Thanks for all the lovely pictures.