Sunday, 17 August 2008

The Mummy - Return of the Dragon Emperor (98)

Number One Son, had given me two cinema tickets for my birthday, so yesterday Christopher and I went to see The Mummy - Return of the Dragon Emperor. And then, bless him, we found he had also organised a drinks voucher for us, so DH was able to have a large glass of wine, I had some water (the last of the great drinkers, that's me!) and we shared some salted popcorn.

The film was great fun, well up to the standard of the first two. Predictable plot, but good fun and the CGI was amazing. Certainly worth seeing on the big screen. And very topical for us, of course, following the visit of the Terracotta Army this year and with the Beijing Olympics. I think it's had some pretty average reviews, but for me if fulfilled all the criteria for a Saturday afternoon movie - entertaining without being intellectually challenging.

It was a real 'square eye' day yesterday, having spent the rest of the day glued to the television watching the Olympics - a brilliant day for the UK, with gold medals in swimming, rowing and cycling, as well as more bronze and silver medals. Thank goodness we were able to walk to the cinema, I needed a little exercise after all that sitting around. Lots of hand sewing and knitting though.


Anonymous said...

Amanda, Great films the mummy`s, the 1st one was on tv last night, i was very surprized Savannah was watching it, she hates films like them, I will have to wait for it to be on dvd or put on the tv.
Glad you had a great time

Kay said...

I shall put this movie down on my "Movies to See" list once our lives settle down a bit.

Rhondee said...

Hi Amanda! I've been wanting to see the new Mummy movie but I just don't get out much.....LOL....I just might have to though cause I love Brenden Frazier, I think that's is name.

Julie said...

Wow, you can buy wine at your movie theater? We can't!! And you can walk to the movie? Wow!! Ours are all in very non-walker-friendly places, and the closest one to me is about 30 miles away. Sounds like you had fun!!

Lori said...

Have you heard that they are doing Dirty Dancing on stage? I really wonder.. how they are going to do it? This is in Toronto, Cananda.

Gretchen said...

The terra cotta warriors exhibit is coming to Atlanta at the end of the year and I already have my tickets. Can't wait to see it! I'll put this movie on my "Netflix" list--I enjoyed the first 2--great "popcorn" movies!!