Saturday, 23 August 2008

Charity Shop Finds (106)

Isn't it strange how you can sometimes go into a shop, or into the library and find nothing that takes your fancy and then on another occasion things just seem to jump out at you. Today was like that in the Oxfam charity book shop.

The first book - Simple Country Style - has lots of lovely photographs of country style rooms from around the world, and will give me loads of inspiration for redecorating once we move.

Hometown Quilts took my eye because of the different paper pieced buildings, including a lighthouse which I have wanted to make for some time. I don't much care for her choice of fabrics, but can see myself using
                                        the patterns.

The last book was a real serendipity find. I don't usually look at the 
cookery books as I already have far too many that I don't use enough, but this one just caught my eye as I passed. Lady Castlehill's Receipt Book has a selection of 18th Century Scottish Fare, and are the original recipes from a collection made in 1712. I'd love to type out loads of the recipes for you, but it would just take too much time and space. Some of the recipes have wonderful titles : To make the Countess of Norwich her Almond Butter; A very true Receipt of Naple Bisket; To make Cheeses that the Coats may be pulled off; A Remembrance of Preserving Cherries. Here's one of the shorter recipes in full, that could easily be made today:

To make Jumballs

Take halfe a pound of baked flowre, Mingle it with halfe a Pound of Sugar, the Yolks of 6 new layd Eggs, and 6 Spoonfulls of clouted Cream, 2 or 3 dropes of the Oyle of Nutemegs and a little of Rosemary; Make it into Paste, and into Rolls, tye them in small Knots, Bake them in a warme Oven; then Ice them with Rosewater, Sugar, and the white of ane Egg, and when dry, box them.

These were said to be a favourite of Queen Elizabeth I. Does anyone feel brave enough to have a go?


Fiesta said...

I was thinking about buying the hometown quilts book. will it be worth my time.

Julie said...

Darn! I can't believe I missed your 100th post! I have been so busy with school getting back into session that I haven't been reading my blogs! Well, congratulations! And may you have many more happy blog posts to come!

Quilt Pixie said...

they sound wonderful, other than the raw egg coating in the final step (too much experience of salmonella transfer from the outside of egg shells to use unpasturized raw egg for anything....) Sigh. Love the spelling in small doses like that. Can see why writing them out is time consumning... Maybe scanning?

Amelia said...

Don't know about the taste - but it would be rich with that much sugar.

The books sound very interesting.


PS: My hairdresser (who I visit weekly) is from Scotland. She has been here in the states for quite a few years - but travels back home every so often. In fact she just spent two weeks there about three months ago.

Anita said...

Okay I have to ask what is clotted cream. I see it mention but have never been sure what it is? Does it just mean whipped cream? How many batches are you planning to make? lol

Kay said...

I know just what you mean, Amanda. What fun that you were able to find such a lovely recipe book. I can already tell you're a fabulous cook... and quilter/seamtress/artist.

Lori said...

I love little shops. Second hand shops are even better. In my opinion, Americans are wasteful.I love vintage things.My girls refer to me as a Tree Hugger. Oh well!