Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Lucky me (96)

Doesn't it make you feel special to receive goodies in the post, especially when they're prezzies from someone you've never met. Today I got a package from Anita, who celebrated her birthday on the same day as me. She sent me two knitted dish cloths - which are far too nice to be used to wash dishes, so may find their way into the bathroom. 

She also sent me six of the cutest little quilt-bug 
badges. I'm thinking that they would look good on plain centre blocks of a small quilt, maybe some more wonky stars. Any other ideas?

And since I haven't posted any pictures of Rosie recently - although she never does anything but lay around it's really difficult to get photographs as she always gets up and fusses around me when I appear. Here I've managed to catch her just as she spotted me and before she started moving.

I haven't posted any pictures of sewing recently, although I seem to have been doing heaps of it. I need to get some pictures taken then I can share them.


Catherine said...

Very cute badges!! They would look terrific on a quilt!! Love Rosie, she looks very relaxed! Cathyxx

Amelia said...

Those pins are so cute...give kitty cat a pat on the head for me. I do love cats...


Candace said...

What a nice surprise to get in the mail.
How about a little sampler quilt with one of each of the blocks that is on the pins?

Catherine said...

Those quilt bug pins are too cute. Rosie is adorable!

Lynn said...

Cute pins - maybe in the middle of smalle friendship stars - in keeping with the spirit of the gift.

Brenda said...

Those are very special gifts. I am wishing you a late birthday...Happy Birthday!! Rosie is such a pretty cat.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda
Those badges do look great with all the design`s on,
What stitching are you working on at moment,
Have a great day


Hi Amanda,
think I have worked out how to send a messsage - it never ceases to amaze me how quickly one can respond from these blogs - obviously it can get very addictive. It also never ceases to amaze me how many Quilters have "Cats" - I too love them.
cheers Dawn