Sunday, 10 August 2008

Too early! (92)

Well, it's about 4.45 am here in the UK and I can't sleep, so I've been catching up with all the blogs, adding the Wylde Woman award and adding Linda's Bag and Bucket Swap to my sidebar. It's taken me ages to get these two on because I couldn't work out how to 'grab' the pictures. My Mac doesn't have a right click, but No 1 son reminded me how to do it.

It's pouring with rain - again - here. It's so strange reading about the searing heat some of you are having to contend with and knowing that we shall be lucky if the temperature rises above 23 degrees this week (that's 74 fahrenheit). I'm not complaining, though, as I always remind myself that this is the reason that England is so wonderfully lush and green.

I've been doing all the usual things this week - keeping the house tidy for potential viewers (2), hospital visits (2), shopping (too much, too boring) and sewing. No sewing finished enough to show pictures though. I'm sure I'll be getting loads of hand sewing done during the Olympic games, so I'll post some pictures soon.

Can I ask for your help for a new blog friend, Tracy. She has just started a new blog, Flower Pebble, and is gamely adding entries even though she has somehow lost the Add a Comment button. Does anyone have any ideas as to how she can get it back? 

I do hate to post without any pictures, so here's another one of my two wonderful boys at our picnic last week.

Well, since I'm still not sleepy, I'm going to switch on the television and see if I can find any Olympics.


mreteveian said...

You are an early riser like me! How fun!
I've given up on fuzzing over "no sleep" and get up and do my fun things instead. Like reading blogs ...
I'm so sorry I didn't get to wish you a happy birthday!!! I ment to, but then time went by even thoug I had your post marked on my computer to remind me. Oh, well. The best to you for the year (and years!) to come.

mreteveian said...

Your friend might have to look into the page with "elements" and click on the "edit" mark on the "blog post" element to edit the settings for the bottom line? Has she marked off in the box next to the comment there? I think it's number 4 under the "select items"?

Hope she can fix it, because it's nice to leave a comment now and then :-)

Anonymous said...

Thankyou Amanda for asking for help for me, im very gratefull, Maybe your son can give you a idea to help me.
Im looking forward to more of your blog,

Kay said...

Hi Amanda, I just helped my friend with a similar problem. She lost her posting words. I discovered that she had the post words the same color as the background. Perphaps you could suggest she check her font colors?

Kay said...

I just looked at the Customize, Fonts and Colors and found the Post Footer Link Color. She should check that just to be sure it's not the same color as the background. Good luck.

Gina said...

If she goes into Settings there should be a question that asks her whether she wants any comments. If she ticks yes the Add A Comment should come back up

Love and hugs gina xxx

Lori said...

Good Morning Amanda ! It sounds like your a busy girl. I hope you can catch a nap.I am always up that early.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Amanda dear---thanks for your positive words regarding the race. I did not realize Christopher was a running-nut, too!! :0) Woo-hoo! And run the London marathon, how amazing! (probably more-so for us over in the USA!) The scenery must be down-right incredible!

Thank you for the mention of Angela and I to be recipients of the award of women who brighten your day. I apologize for being so quiet on your blog comments lately; I just went through a "I'm not interested in blogging" phase over the past couple of weeks.

I am also an Olympic nut and have searched through our TV guide to find coverage. It is so wonderful to watch world-class athletes that show great Sportsmanship. (the gloaters bug me). I don't know how far off your coverage is over in the UK, so I won't ruin anything by informing you of other medal winners you have :0) We (central time USA) are fortunate enough to be 13 hours behind China, so in our evenings, we are able to watch LIVE footage of the events (of course, it's the next day in China.)