Monday, 1 March 2010

Surely it can't be long!

At last, some sunshine. I took a walk around our garden this morning and found these beauties.

The daffodils will burst into flower in the next day or so. Shall I bring some into the house, or leave them out in the garden?
From March 2010
From March 2010
From March 2010
From March 2010

The snowdrops are at their best now. We only have this small clump, but we may split it and put some elsewhere once they've finished flowering.

And look what I spied hiding under a conifer shrub branch.
From March 2010
From March 2010

And just for good measure, I spotted these two in the field yesterday.
From March 2010
From March 2010

Surely, it can't be long now till spring?


Amelia said...

I agree 100%. My jonquils are just starting to put buds will be several days before flowering. They are one month behind as to how they were last year.

Enjoyed the yard tour.

jabblog said...

I love the magpie keeping his feet warm on the pony's back.
Lovely spring flowers - we have just one small clump of reluctant crocuses but the daffodils are showing buds now.

maria said...

What lovely signs of spring. We haven't got any daffs that far on yet. I'd leave them in the garden and buy some for the house. I got a lovely bunch in Sainsburys for 99p.

Jo, a retired teacher said...

Lovely pictures. The grass is getting quite green at my house, but the trees seem a bit behind. I'm looking forward to warmer weather too.

Kay said...

It's amazing how the brain works. Just looking at the photos of your daffodil and crocus buds made me almost smell the air in Illinois during a spring rain. It brought back that warm chill that I loved so much. It definitely looks like spring is about to burst forth in your neck of the world. I'm smiling just to think of it.

Lynn said...

Pretty pictures. I really am ready for spring. My daffodils are teasing me and being very stubborn. After a solid week they still look as if they will bloom any moment.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Soooooooooo jealous!
We expect another 1-1.5 months of snow! Two years ago, we had snow storms on April 1 AND April 17.

Thanks for the pictures----sooooo envious!

Karen said...

Oh, I do hope those are sure signs of spring for you!

Marie said...

Amanda the flowers are beautiful I can't wait for things to turn green and see the flowers blooming.Have a wonderful week. Hugs,, Marie

Anonymous said...

When we lived in Wales the 1st was St David's Day where the girls would take a daffodil and the boys wear a leek in their buttonhole. I definitely think Spring is later this year.

Love your Angel's Story and the Square Quilt's jewel tones.

Candace said...

The flowers are beautiful and the pony is very cute. Looks like a wonderful place to be.

Heckety said...

Oh lovely! I reckon God made daffodils yellow because He knows we need something exciting in March! And I love your snowdrops, I must see if I can get some bulbs to start.
I like your new header too!
Thank you for visitning me this week and your comments! Much appreciated!

Simone de Klerk said...

Lovely pictures! Spring is soooo pretty and happy!