Monday, 22 March 2010

Fabric... fabric ... yet more fabric!

Unusually for me, I managed to buy some fabric while we were away. I usually stand bewildered in the shop and come away empty handed, unless I am buying for a specific project. But this time the gods were with me, and I was able to spend some money!

At the quilt exhibition I bought an 'archive pack' of fabric, two each of the sixteen fabrics in the collection, each piece about 14.5 x 20cm.
From quilts
From quilts
From quilts
From quilts
My sister-in-law bought me the commemorative panel which was designed and printed especially to celebrate the exhibition.
From quilts
All of the fabric is made by Liberty, is 100% cotton and feels like silk.

I'd like to make something which incorporates both the panel and the fabrics - any ideas?

On Thursday I popped into The Wandering Line, a relatively new quilt shop in Purley. They have a wonderfully laid out and stocked shop, and it was far too easy for me to spend yet more money. Again, I haven't really any plans for this fabric, but shall just enjoy looking at it for a while until I make up my mind to cut into it.
From quilts
From quilts
From quilts


maria said...

It looks like you have lots of quilt planning to do. I love the beach huts.

Clare said...

I'm a complete sucker for spots and stripes so love the fabric from the shop in Purley.

Can't really help you with any ideas, but using the panel as the centre piece for the Liberty fabric would be a lovely memento of what is a stunning exhibition.

Did you see the Changi quilt? My grandfather was imprisoned there during WW2 and, being a surgeon, helped a lot of the prisoners.

Amelia said...

My top choice is the polka dots with matching stripes ...they talk tome much more than the other ones. I am sure you will come up with some exciting pattern.

Have a great week...quilting or working in the flowers, or whatver tickles your fancy at the time.

jabblog said...

Beautiful fabrics offering so many possibiities. Could you incorporate the commemorative panel in a wall hanging?

Lynn said...

Good for you - terrific fabric purchases. I love the fabric from the exhibit. Maybe the panel as a center and blocks around it using the fabrics as a wall hanging?
Also really love the fabric from the shop in Purley. I adore the polka dots and am feeling polka dot envy right now. That beach house fabric is so cute - looking forward to seeing what it all becomes.

scraphappy said...

It is so nice that you were able to shop and enjoy yourself. It will be lovely to have those fabrics to admire until you are inspired to do something with them.

Candace said...

You certainly have some beautiful fabrics to look forward to using. I have some of the top right fabric in the next to the last picture.
I don't have any ideas, but I know from following your blog for over two years that you will come up with something (or somethings) wonderful.

Marie said...

Amanda it looks like you will have a beautiful asortment to go into several quilts. I love them all, I have spent the day inmy sewing corner moving things around to try to get into some more things. I always enjoy your journeys. Hugs, Marie

Bec said...

What a good bit of shopping you got done! I hope you enjoyed it... very lovely!

Anonymous said...

I love spot, stripe and checks and can never leave them in the shop.
Well done on you Angel quilt finished it looks lovely.


Gretchen said...

Wonderful fabric finds!!! I especially like the exhibition panel. What a wonderful memento. Here's an example of a quilt with a panel in the center that I saw recently:

I like the idea of using half-square triangles and maybe a pieced block where the flags are.