Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Big Snow (173)

We woke up yesterday morning to about 6 inches of snow. We haven't had that much snow here in the South East of the UK for well over ten years. And of course, because no-one is used to it, no-one is ready for it. So everything ground to a standstill. All the schools closed - which I'm all in favour of, because snow is such a rarity and children ought to be outside playing in it and building up great experiences and memories. Public transport stopped altogether, so most people weren't able to go to work.

Christopher doesn't work on Mondays, and Oliver had the day off yesterday having just returned home from accompanying a school skiing trip to Italy (he enjoyed it but it was very hard work). So we decided to meet up in the town for lunch. Christopher and I walked down - lovely fresh white clean snow - and met Oliver there. And then we found that every single restaurant was full to bursting. It seems that loads of people had taken their children down to the park, where there's a great slope for tobogganing down, and then topped off the fun by going out for lunch. And of course, the restaurants were all short staffed because so many people had been unable to get there. We eventually found somewhere and had a very pleasant lunch together.

I haven't done much sewing for the past few days, though I have got going again today. Instead I had great fun spreading all my paper crafting supplies around and making cards. Not for any particular reason, it was just fun. So here's a few pictures of my cards.

I wish I could claim the credit for designing these cards, but I can't, the inspiration all came from a magazine I take called You Can Craft. It's a real cheat because it comes with papers and embellishments for the cards, but you still have to trace the templates, cut out all the shapes and assemble it, using your own ideas to tweak the designs if you wish. It's all very satisfying though when you see the end product.


Amelia said...

I thought about ya'll when I saw all the snow in London on yesterdays news. It was so pretty on the building and statues they were showing.

Your cards are so pretty...one to be treasured for sure. That publication certainly has some great ideas as reflected in your creations.

Stay warm and enjoy the snow.

Anonymous said...

Thoses cards are wonderful Amanda, its good to have a surply of cards as you never know when you need one to send.

We have had a bout 4 inch it looks like, no snow has fallen today but i hear we are due some more.

Take care,

Gretchen said...

The snow is beautiful there! How fun to have a BIG snow day in the UK!! Hope you enjoy it while it lasts. Your cards are great--I really like the owl.

Kay said...

The snow looks so beautiful! It looks very fluffy and fun to play in. I think I've had my fill of snow for now.

Your cards are absolutely charming, Amanda.

scraphappy said...

Your cards are just fabulous. It almost makes me want to set my quilting aside and take up scrapbooking again. I'm sure I would do it in a heartbeat if I got such great results.
The snow looks so pretty, glad I can enjoy your photos without having to experience it first hand.

Anita said...

What really cute cards. Quilting and now knitting are my main focus, but if I could find time for something else I think making cards would be it.
I feel for you with the snow. I hope yours doesn't last as long as ours did. When you are not used to it and live in the country it gets old fast. Sure is pretty to look at though.

Isabella said...

Gosh that snow brings back memories dont think I remember getting a day off school LOL
and those cars are just lovely

Karen said...

....cute cards!

Kate said...

Wow, that would have been a wonderful sight to wake up to my girlie's would have loved it, they have only seen and payed in the snow once.

Stay warm

Tanya said...

Love your cards!!! I have always wanted to try my hand at paper craft... But I figure I'm so spread out with quilting and knitting that I really shouldn't even consider another hobby. Your cards are too beautiful to send!!!

Miss AJ said...

Looking at your photos I can almost taste the snow. They are lovely cooling images for me to meditate on.