Saturday, 21 February 2009

Sorting, tidying and culling (182)

It's a glorious mild, sunny day here in Surrey and what did we decide to do? Tidy up the attic! Get stuck in the gloom and the dust and the heat of our attic instead of getting out for a walk and breathing the (almost) spring air.

Mind you, it was a job that sorely needed doing. Our attic is a fair sized room, though the head room is limited due to the sloping roof on one side, and you could barely get through the door any more. So drastic action was called for. We put on our oldest clothes, rolled up our sleeves and got down to it - we worked for about five hours, with a half hour break for lunch.

Christopher is a hoarder, hates to part with anything, but he was persuaded to get rid of loads. We halved our book collection, keeping all the good stuff, getting rid of those paperbacks we'd both read or decided we'd never read, so there's about 150 books ready to go to the charity shop next week. We got rid of loads of other stuff too, including two old shelf units that really were no use to anyone. So we've now got one pile to go to the charity shop, and one pile to go to the dump. And we're about half way through the job!

But now, I'm worn out. I've had a long hot shower and am about to put my feet up and have a rest. Hopefully we'll be able to finish the job tomorrow or Monday.


Amelia said...

Yes, these type jobs need to be done every so often...makes you wonder why you kept some particular item, doesn't it?

Don't over do it and make your self sick!

Lynn said...

Very industrious! . We had a little mouse in our attic last year and now I hate going in there. Good thing for husbands!

scraphappy said...

Good job on the attic! That's one of those jobs that are easy to put off, but so nice to have done. I'm sure lots of people will appreciate having new novels to pick up at the second hand shop.

Kay said...

Just "listening" to your words in my head made me feel happy for you. I do love keeping things organized which isn't always easy in a house that isn't finished yet. You're going to feel great everytime you look into your attic now.

Becky said...

What a difficult job! Glad you were able to rid your attic of some clutter. Reward yourself!

Have a great weekend!

Gretchen said...

I would be happy to offer up my attic as your next project LOL! Good for you and Christopher for tackling a big project.