Friday, 13 February 2009

I've been tagged (177)

I don't usually get involved in tagging, but since I haven't blogged for ages I'll have a go.

Becky (The Quilting Booklady) has tagged me with an Honest Scrap tag. The idea is to reveal 10 honest things about yourself that you haven't blogged about before and list 5 addictions. Now, this isn't going to be at all easy.

I don't really have any addictions. I get obsessed with something for a while, then I find something new to play with and obsess about that for a while instead. I'm currently obsessed with Germ Buster, a game on my Brain Training game on my new DS. Apart from that, I can't think of a thing. Sorry.

Some things about me that you might not already know.

1 I hate using the telephone. I really have to grit my teeth before making a call. 

2 I don't like parties. I'm not very good at small talk and can't see the point, so can never think of anything to say to strangers. We have used all sorts of excuses in the past to get away early.

3 I have always loved acting, and went to a drama college when I left school. I was too nervous to take it up professionally though, and did the teaching option instead. I've belonged to many amateur dramatic groups and enjoy acting and directing.

4 I'm not keen on much that television has to offer, though I'm more than happy to watch old detective repeats - Midsomer Murders, Bergerac, Poirot, Pie in the Sky etc.

5 I'm a real sucker for science fiction on television though - Star Trek, Torchwood, and especially Dr Who (you may have spotted my knitted Dalek in my sewing room)

6 I am an only child, with no cousins either. My grandmother was the matron of a small children's home, and I used to love to visit them or go on holiday with them.

7 I am a very fast reader, and get through books at a gallop

8 I've lived in 15 different homes since I was born

9 I love doing quizzes and puzzles and get very competitive

10 I hate yorkshire pudding and cucumber

I'm not going to tag anyone else, this was really difficult, but feel free to tag yourself and have a go.


Amelia said...

Number 3 says you taught.

Well, go into further detail...when, what subjects, how many years - all the details.

Enjoyed the combination of not like yorkshire pudding and cucumber..just makes for a funny visual in my brain.

Have a fun weekend!

Kay said...

Gosh Amanda, we must be sisters in spirit. I hate making phone calls, too. I love e-mailing but I HATE making phone calls. I like getting them... just not initiating them. I wonder why...

Becky said...

My son would love it if I was obsessed with Germ Buster. He loves all things pertaining to video games. I too hate to use the telephone. I need to get a message to my MIL and would love to just e-mail her, but she doesn't use a computer.

Thanks so much for participating in the tag! It gives us an opportunity to know each other just a bit better.

Have a wonderful day!