Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Walking and yoga

Firstly, I want to thank all of you who have sent me such encouraging messages following my last blog. For several months now I've been wondering what was the point of blogging, what was the point of keeping in contact with people I've never met, am never likely to meet. And you've all shown me exactly what the point is. Because you're my friends. We don't need to meet, or even to know what we all look like, but somehow we've 'clicked' through the world of blogging and can hold out a helping hand across the world to each other. So - I'm sending you all cyber hugs and thanks.

The chronic fatigue I've been plagued with for the last three years seems to be on its way out at last. I can walk for several miles now without getting too exhausted; I don't have to eat every two hours because my metabolism is all over the place; I don't have to have a rest every few hours after doing very little. So now I need to get fit again. So walking is on the agenda - yesterday I walked for about two miles and it was great, so I'll be off out again today, looking for a new route around the village. Roll on January - we're planning on getting a dog, who will be a wonderful reason to walk, and a companion on my walks.

And yoga too, so good for the soul. I've started a new class, and been twice now. I just love having the time to properly relax, and focus totally on ME! Learning to relax and breathe again is brilliant.

No photographs today - Christopher has borrowed my camera for a few days - but there is some sewing and crafting to share in a day or so.


Kay said...

I wish I had a place I could go to for yoga here that is reasonably priced. I went to a few classes in Illinois and really enjoyed it.

Two miles? Wow! That's wonderful. The most I do is about a mile and a half about 5 times a week.

I've found that I am keeping more in touch with my blogging friends than I am with those I actually know because they're afraid of the computer.

Gina said...

How wonderful that you are starting to feel more human again. When you are really feeling yourself you'll have to come across the bridge and visit. meeting Stanley will soon put you off having a dog. LOl

Love and hugs Gina xxx

jannimary said...

I hope you will pop your camera in your pocket when you go for your walks (when it is returned). It would be lovely to see some of your surrounding area. What sort of dog do you think you will be getting?

Amelia said...

On the road again (Willie Nelson song)...but you are getting up and around and making progress...wonderful, fantastic.blessings....

Also, remember cyber friends or ones that are close -we have an ear to lisen, a shoulder for crying, a trash can if you want to kick something...we are here for you!

Hugs from oklahoma,

Jo, a retired teacher said...

I am glad to hear that you are feeling better.

I have wanted to take a yoga class, but wondered if I would feel silly because I am so inflexible. Do you have to be able to touch your toes, or sit on the floor with your legs straight in front of you? I can't do either.

Always happy to see a new post from you.

Lynn said...

A dog - yes get a dog, that's a great idea. My dog is a sweetie -every one should have a dog!
I have pretty busy life, but no one I know shares my same interests of sewing and creating. It's nice to have others to share that with. I feel my blogging friends have more in common with me than my non-blogging friends. I don't have to feel apologetic for being a woman who likes to cook and sew. Thanks for continuing!

Tanya said...

Glad to see you back and feeling better. I think walking is a great way to get some energy, though Tetsu claims it tires him out. I would love to try yoga too or one of those slow moving Chinese exercises. Hope you continue to feel well.

Gretchen said...

Hope you still feeling good :) How exciting to be getting a dog in the new year!!!! I cannot wait for all the fun blog posts!!! I wish I was home more to have a dog. Someday.