Wednesday, 28 October 2009

A busy few days

Well, it's been a busy few days. The weekend was most uncomfortable, as I wasn't able to sit down because my back was so painful, so I either had to stand or lay down. By Monday it was improving, and by yesterday, when I went to the chiropractor, it had improved further. It seems that I strained a ligament in my lower back, so the only real cure is time. But the chiropractor did some work on my back which eased things a lot.

So, thank you to everyone who has been so kind as to send me their wishes for a speedy recovery.

Number One Son came to visit on Monday, and to stay for a couple of days. We haven't done a lot, because he was very tired after his first half term's experience of full time teaching. Last night we went to the Theatre Royal in Bath (thank goodness I was able to sit down for long enough by then!) to see Mrs Warren's Profession, by George Bernard Shaw. Felicity Kendal (you may remember her from The Good Life) played Mrs Warren. It was a very good production, and we enjoyed watching a straight play. It was also very thought provoking, and we had plenty to talk about for the half hour it took us to drive home afterwards.

Today we are going to visit The American Museum, again in Bath, before Number One Son drives home. It's a while since we visited and I'm looking forward to seeing it again, particularly the quilts.

I haven't any pertinent photographs today, but here's one of a naughty Rosie sitting on my finished table runner (luckily I'd left it folded with the backing out). She never, ever sits on the stairs so I though it would be safe, but she found it and decided to break the habit of a life time. Doesn't she look guilty?


Gina said...

I'm glad you are feeling better.
Rosie looks very cute on the stairs. Perhaps she's found a new cwtch

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Kay said...

Actually she looks quite proud and pleased with herself. I envy your being able to spend time with your son, Amanda. I'm missing mine. I'm glad your back is easing up. I hope recovery will go even quicker now.

Amelia said...

Ah Amanda, Miss Rosie was giving it her "paw of of approval"...she is a cutie.

So glad to hear you are better and was able to enjoy son being in town.

Lynn said...

Rosie seems to have that "who me?" look - a sure sign of guilt.

Jeanne said...

Cats must have built-in fabric radar. ♥

Jane or Ozjane said...

Moggie says to tell Rosie..good snooping.
A cat will always find patchwork and quilting.

Tanya said...

I'm sorry to hear that your back's been out of whack. I know that that can be miserable. Rosie's a cutie! Cats just naturally love quilts!

Luv 2 Cre8te said...

Sorry to hear about your back. I hope you are feeling better now.
Cats always seem to do things like this. Mine is always sitting on things I put down even for a minute.