Sunday, 5 October 2008

Yuk, it's wet and cold, so I'm still in bed! (124)

Yup, that's right, I'm still in bed (mind you it is only 8.30 which I suppose isn't late for a Sunday, but it's late for me). DH is away for a running weekend with his running club (I do so hope the weather is better in Hertfordshire, but I doubt it) so I didn't sleep that well. And I let Rosie sleep on my bed, instead of shutting her in the dining room, and I don't think she slept at all, just kept wandering round on top of me! So, I'm cosied up in bed with some (wheat-free) toast and a cup of tea, catching up with emails and blogs.

I haven't posted any news for a while, just haven't felt like it, so there's plenty to write about and photographs to show.

We've finally taken our house off the market. We've had loads of visitors - and how fed up I got with having to keep the house 'visitor ready' - but only some rather silly offers. And this really doesn't seem a sensible time to sell or buy a house with the financial situation so unstable. Typical though, a few days after we informed the estate agent that we were giving up, someone came up with a pretty good offer. We decided to decline it though, as we'd made up our mind to wait. What a relief! It's so good to know where I'll be for the next six months or so, to leave the washing up if I don't feel like doing it and to be able to make a mess with my sewing!

Even though the last few weeks have been a round of doctor visits, physiotherapy and migraines I have managed to get quite a bit of sewing done.  I've made some heat bags for Christmas presents for my two brothers-in-law and my father-in-law and was delighted at how well they work. I might make the same for my sisters-in-law, or might make them some shopping bags.

There was another Dear Jane class at my LQS and I've been making loads more. The photographs of all the blocks I have made so far are in my side bar. I'm loving the challenge and the hand sewing. I've given in and sent off for the CD as I think it will be easier to print off the templates rather than tracing them - I think I'm slightly accuracy challenged! I've fallen a bit behind with my other hand sewing, though, so will have to get down to it - put the heater on in the lounge and lots of Radio 4 and I'll be away.

Yesterday, as DH was away, I just sat at the sewing machine and sewed and sewed, and made this table runner. And then I sewed the binding on last night whilst watching Strictly Come Dancing. I machine quilted it using a simple meander - still some blips along the way but I'm definitely improving. I wanted something autumnal and had these lovely Thimbleberries fat eighths that I'd bought for £5 for six fabrics. It's just right for my lovely old Welsh Dresser that I inherited from a great aunt.

Number 1 son is coming for lunch today, DH will be home later today, tomorrow is Mystery Monday at The Quilt Room (I've never been before so don't know what it's about) and Number 2 son is coming to visit tomorrow evening and staying over until Tuesday evening. So, plenty to occupy me.


scraphappy said...

You have been quite busy. I am much impressed with your Dear Jane blocks. It might just inspire me to get mine out again. They are relaxing to sit and hand stitch. I especially enjoy the appliqué ones and have gotten very good at the freezer paper and glue method. The table runner is fabulous, and so perfect for the spot where you have put it.
Is the economy over there doing the same things as here? They talk about our troubles being mirrored all over the globe, but we tend to be all self centered here and only think of our own problems. My good friend is short selling her house, and there is another on the block that just went under contract for less than they owe. So even if we could sell our house, it would be like giving it away right now, so I'm glad we don't have to. It's good to have the choice I suppose, but lots of people have lost jobs or been forced to move and don't have any choice but to try to sell. I try not to think too much about it until it all starts to have a direct impact.

Sue R said...

I'm sorry things didn't work out with your house. Maybe now that the bailout bill has been passed, things will get better for all of us. I always have a hard time thinking of what to do with all those stitches on my sewing machine, what a nice touch for the heat bags. What kind of a machine do you have? Your tablerunner and your dear jane blocks look really nice too. Are you handpiecing all your DJ blocks? I hand pieced the ones I thought were too hard to do by machine, and there's plenty of them, so lots of handpiecing!

Amelia said...

The runner is so pretty and so colorful for the season. Looks great on the china hutch (with all those beautiful cups/saucers). Enjoyed seeing kitty perched on chair (I bet checking out what is going on outside).

I know you are happy to be able to "live" in your home once more...and not have to keep it show ready all the time.

Have a enjoyable week with the boys.


Candace said...

Sounds like a wonderful place to be on a wet, cold morning at 8:30 am. I love the table runner. I saw that pattern somewhere also and saved it on my computer because I liked it so much, and after seeing yours I like it even more. I love the hutch and the china and the whole look. You have gotten so much done, and have lots to show for it. Are the heating bags rice bags? They turned out really nice. My husband has a big one that I made him, and he asked me for a couple more, so I guess I'd better get busy on them before the cold weather comes. He likes them for his aches and pains. It sounds like you are a bonified Janeiac, and are moving right along. They are beautiful and so intricate. Enjoy your sons and your Mystery Monday.

Anonymous said...

sounds like you had a great weekend, the heat packs look great wonderful gifts too.


Brenda said...

I enjoyed your blog with all of its information. You bet, leave the laundry out and have a great time disorganizing your sewing room with loads of projects! I made a similiar table runner, it was fun. Have a great visit with both of your sons.

Lori said...

Hello Amanda,
A very nice runner. I love that picture. Your kitty looking out the window.
Is there just rice in your bags? Did you add some aromatherapy in them?

Clare said...

Oh good. Another Radio 4 addict.

Wet and miserable here today too.

Lynn said...

You are really such a prolific quilter - so many things finished -I'm impressed. I love the table runner. I've been lurking around Tonya's website deciding whether to join or not and you've gone and finished a quilt for it. I love the "house,home,pantry" quilt.

T said...

The table runner is adorable. I've made this pattern (I wonder why I skipped the flowers?) - yours is just precious.

good job!

Rhonda said...

I'm sorry to hear that your house selling didn't worked out. My friends have their house on the market for a long time now and stil haven't got anything for it.

The photos are great... love that tableruner.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Yet another "BEAUTIFUL RUNNER" comment :0) But it really IS incredible! I love the colors! So perfect and "fallish"

Glad to see Christopher is enjoying his Fall running :0) And I hope your health has been tolerable; at least it appears to be since you've been able to enjoy some sewing.

And I'd also be interested in knowing a bit more about your Heat Bags. What do you use for filler? I always have little left over pieces of flannel that I don't know how to use up---I think this would be a great idea for the hunters in the family :0) Perfect way to warm up after a cold day in the woods.

Jo-Anne said...

I really like your runner, Amanda!As for your
Dear Jane blocks...well, they are most impressive!
Sorry the weather is so dreary but I hope you are able to get some relaxing in while you can. Take a breath now that your house is off the market...that is always so hard to "live" in your house while trying to sell it!
take care! :)

Anita said...

Has it warmed up any or are you still in bed. You deserve a rest you have been very busy. Will you be more busy or less busy now that you don't have to stay so neat? Pretty dishes and runner. I'm making a fall maple leaf quilt.

Kay said...

I'm so amazed at what you're able to sew in such a short time. Good gosh!

You took your house off the market? I guess the housing market is bad everywhere. My daughter is having the same problem in Chicago. But then again, it's hopeful that you did get a reasonable offer even if you declined it at this time.

Bec said...

Your table runner is gorgeous, love the colours and the pattern! It suits your beautiful welsh dresser well.
Glad to see you are going well with your Dear Jane blocks, it must be nice to be part of a group making it together. Companionship and assistance when you get to a difficult part of a block, or a difficult block!
Bec xxx

liz said...

Hi Amanda,
Oh I just love your dresser. I have been looking for something just like that for my collections.
Even more special for you that it was a family piece. The table runner is beautiful too. Isn't it funny how all cats seem to look out the window. My cat does the same and he also perches his head on the window sill getting lazy in his old age. I hope you enjoyed your family time and dancing too. Dancing wasn't televised last Sunday here I mean how rude of the tv station I was all ready to sit and watch and then it wasn't on that is a pain when that happens.
Anyway it is on tomorrow night again so I can get my fix. Don't know why they had a break.
Take care and kind regards from Liz