Friday, 28 March 2008

Work in progress (7)

I've just realised what fun it will be to use this blog to record my 'work in progress' so I've taken some photos of the two quilts I'm working on at the moment. I decided, for my second 'proper' quilt to do a sampler quilt, and I really fancied using black and white. It's been great fun, no chance whatsoever to get bored with the blocks, and I've learnt so much. When I laid the blocks together they seemed to need a bit of lifting, so I've gone for the scarlet sashing. Very dramatic. One of the joys has been quilting as I've gone along, so much easier for hand quilting. I've still got three rows to join on and then the border to do - I think I may machine quilt that - there may be rules about not mixing hand and machine quilting, but who cares.


Kucki68 said...

I am sure you are aware the Quilt Police will arrest you for mixing the two types of quilting... LOL. There is always some rule, but if it does not make sense, why follow it? Be a wild and free quilter.

Renee said...


I too am into black and white quilts. My daughter got married last Spring and that was what they wanted as a gift. So I made them two. Love all that great b&w fabric and your quilt looks lovely. Renee

Tanya said...

I have never tried the quilting as you go along technique though I can see the advantages... I love the red sashing on it!