Sunday, 16 March 2008

First Efforts at quilting (2)

As I'm planning to use this blog as a kind of diary of my creative activities, I thought I'd start by adding pictures of my quilting efforts so far. These are the placemats I made for Christmas 2007. The tablecloth I have used for many years was getting stained, so, together with a collection of old Christmas napkins, I made a strippy set of placemats with sparkly felt Christmas trees in the middle. I was really chuffed with the results, they really made our Christmas table look jolly.

This is my first 'real' quilt. I found the tessellating design in a book and made it in lovely brown and maroon stripes, checks and floral fabrics. 

Here is a cushion I made for my husband for Christmas.

Since Christmas I have been working on a couple of new full size quilts, but have found time to do a few other projects. I have made a couple of handbags, one for myself and one for my niece's 18th birthday present.

I've also made a couple of 'quillows' or cushion quilts for my sons. I'm really pleased with the results, which I think reflect my son's very different personalities.

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Phyl said...

Count me in as a fan of your work! Good job:).