Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Scotland - Sunday

I've just realised that I forgot to publish this once I had finished writing it, so although it's a bit late here is the account of our Sunday in Scotland.

On the morning after the wedding we had a leisurely start, and then drove to Glasgow, about an hour's drive away. The weather was chilly, but dry, so after lunch we decided to take the open top bus tour of the city. It's an amazing place, much improved after a rather grim past. There are wonderful buildings, many museums and galleries and public gardens and it looks as if shopping would be good too, as we spotted many designer shops. Here are a few of the photographs I took from the top of the bus.

Has Dr Who landed in Glasgow?

The main square

Wonderful autumn colours.

The River Clyde

No, it's not the Darwin opera house!

After the bust tour we had a wander around - luckily most cities are now open for business on Sundays - and then returned to the airport for our flight home. We had quite a long wait, as our flight wasn't until 9.45, and then we drove home and collapsed into bed after a very pleasant though tiring weekend.


Diane-crewe said...

I love Glasgo... for some reason it has a reputaion for being dull! I have never found it to be so xx Glad you had a good time x

Candace said...

You're so lucky to have such adventures and see such wonderful places. Thank you for sharing, it stirs the imagination.

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