Friday, 2 November 2012

Scotland - Saturday

On the Saturday morning of our stay  in Scotland we went for a drive in The Trossachs mountains, beautiful countryside and the autumnal colours were wonderful. Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera so wasn't able to take any photographs - a good excuse to return to the area sometime in the future! The wedding was at three o'clock, and took place in the Village Hall which was right next to the loch and had stunning views. It was a lovely sunny day, though pretty chilly, and we were able to take lots of photographs outside.

The hall was decorated by the bride and groom and their families, with paper chains, chinese paper lanterns and paper pom-poms in bottles on the window sills, which later became table decorations. There were more paper pom-poms tied to the chairs down the centre aisle.

Number One Son, the best man, and his girlfriend. Can you see the little paper windmill he has in his button hole? The bride had made them for the men instead of giving them flower buttonhole decorations. Such a good idea at this time of year when flowers are so expensive, and fun too. Oliver gave an extremely funny best man speech a bit later on, after we had eaten.

My best man.

The bride and some of the family. I think the groom had left her at this point to go and organise something or other. I loved her dress, just dressy enough for a wedding, but not too dressy for a low cost, country wedding with very little pomp about it.

For the meal we were sat on a table with Oliver's girlfriend and some of the groom's school friends, so we were surrounded by young people, which was great fun as we remembered the two young men from Oliver and Douglas's schooldays.

In the evening there was dancing, including disco and Scottish dancing. We left quite late to walk back to our hotel, about a fifteen minute walk. Unfortunately we had forgotten to take torches and there was no street lighting, so we just had to hope for the best, hope that we didn't fall into the loch that run along side the road, or fall into the mud at the edges of the road as there were no pavements, or get run over. Luckily we got back to the hotel safe and sound.


Lynn said...

What a lovely wedding it looks like and a wonderful time also. I love weddings like this, I think they are the perfect kind and seem so intimate and personal.
Your son is adorable.

Simone de Klerk said...

The first time I see a wedding in Scotland.
Glad you got back to the hotel safely. Must have been quite scary.

il mondo di Iris said...

your Scotland's Photos are wonderfull.

Kay said...

I'm so glad you made it back safely, Amanda. You certainly have a lot of handsome men in your family. I love Christopher's silver hair. That is such a sweet and intimate wedding. I know it will be a perfect memory forever.

Candace said...

I think that small weddings are so charming. Your son is very handsome and I'm sure that it was extra special to get to spend time with him and his girlfriend. I love the dancing. My grandson and his brothers and a few others did a dance number at his recent wedding and my other grandson who married a few years ago had impromptu dancing of the same sort at his wedding. I would have loved to have seen the Scottish dancing. Glad there were no accidents on the walk back to the hotel.