Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Group Quilt

As part of the 2012 Olympics there are several 'cultural' offshoots. One of these is A Gift of Quilts, the plan being for a quilt to be donated to each of the countries taking part in the Olympics and the Paralympics. I first heard of this last year and suggested that our local WI (Women's Institute) group might like to take part. The idea was taken up with enthusiasm and in January we got together for the first time to plan our quilt.

Few of the keen bunch who met in my house that first time had any experience of quilting, and some had no experience of sewing at all. But they were all very enthusiastic. Having decided on a theme everyone went away to design and then make a block. As the meetings went on we eventually ended up with 25 blocks. My job was then to complete the quilt top and try to tie all the different blocks together.

Once the quilt top was finished, layered and basted it went the rounds of the participants for quilting, coming back to me a couple of weeks ago for some extra quilting, binding and labelling. I'm still waiting for the signature blocks so that I can complete it and send it off and then we'll have to wait until early next year to find out which country our quilt will be donated to.

It's been a fun exercise and when I took the quilt to our meeting last week the ladies were over the moon with the way it had turned out.

It's not perfect, but I hope that it will be appreciated by the Olympic Committee and athletes of whichever country receives it.


jabblog said...

I think it's delightful - a lovely idea - and I'm sure it will be greatly appreciated by the recipient.

Lynn said...

What a terrific idea. I love the blocks, all made by different people, but fitting so well together. Will you know which country receives yours, that would be fun.

scraphappy said...

I can see why they were over the moon. What a lovely quilt. The blocks are all so unique and yet it all ties together beautifully.

Kay said...

Well, I can see why they were over the moon about it. It's fantastic and everybody will love it. I just love the vibrant colors.