Sunday, 18 September 2011

A change of look

We've recently had the outside of the house painted, along with a load of work on the roof. We've kept the cream colour on the new part of the house and the inner courtyard, and kept with the stone on the garages and the back of the house. But we've changed from the dark brown woodwork to something more bright and cheerful. The neighbours are definitely divided about whether they like this or not. What do you think?
This view is taken looking over the inner courtyard

This is another view of the inner courtyard, with the lounge and main bedroom windows on the right and the kitchen and one of the smaller bedroom windows on the left.

This is the front of the house. The new part of the house is weird in having very small windows at the front. We're not too sure why they decided to do that, but it does make it very annoying sometimes as you can't see if a car is arriving.


anne bebbington said...

I love it! it reminds me of mediterranean houses which always look so cheerful

Amelia said...

I agree the front is some what different...but the back with the courtyard is fantastic...looks so inviting.

Mad about Craft said...

It looks an unusual design, especially for a UK house.

I love the colour, such a change!

Tanya said...

It will be easy to find your house! Look for the teal trim!

Jude said...

I like the new colours and your courtyard is fantastic

Liz said...

I think it is lovely and fresh. The courtyard is beautiful. Must be a lovely place to sit and relax.

Anonymous said...


I like the look of the new colors and large windows. We have the regular sash windows which filter the ultraviolet rays. In winter months those large windows would be nice, but our summers are awfully bright and hot here in Virginia, so we can't really have them.

I would bet you will hang out in the back in winter.


Kay said...

I LOVE it too. I especially love that aqua trim. It's gorgeous, Amanda!