Sunday, 11 September 2011

Dead Simple Quiltalong

Lynne, at Lily's Quilts is having a Dead Simple Quiltalong, where the emphasis is to be on colour choice rather than complicated patchwork and quilting. I really didn't intent to get involved in this one, since I've got quite enough to be going on with. But then I got the joining requirements for a Machine Embroidery course I'm taking, and found that I need to choose a colour palette so that I can die my fabrics in advance.

Then I got to thinking; a small quilt in the same colours as my machine embroidery piece could look quite good together. And I want to decorate the dining room next year. And I know the sort of colours I want. So it all comes together.

This is the colour palette I've chosen, which happened to be on Lily's Quilts blog this morning, though it's very similar to ones I've been looking at on Design Seeds.

Design Seeds is a brilliant site; I might have put three of these colours together, but this adds so much more and gives me options for dark, medium and lights. Now all I've got to do is to hope that I can mix the dyes to give me these colours.


Amy (lilme2_99) said...


The color choices blend beautifully! This sounds like an interesting class AND quiltalong!

Kay said...

Hi Amanda... I just wanted to do a quick check-in with you while I take a bit of a breather between our guests' schedules. It's so crazy at our house!

Nothing more exciting than having unplanned for week-long guests after returning from a two-week long “vacation.”

We're looking forward to our lives returning to some normalcy in about a week. Then we'll be planning for our trip to Chicago. Yikes!

Debbie said...

So beautiful!! Boy, you'll have fun with that combo!

Lynn said...

lovely color combination.