Monday, 17 May 2010

Peace at last 2!

Don't you sometimes just want to kick Blogger out of the window! I spent ages this morning writing my blog, and just before I went to upload it we had a power cut. Now normally Blogger saves your work as you go along and only publishes once you press the appropriate button. But this morning, it decided to save nothing and then to publish just the title! I fear some of you might have been a tad mystified.

Well, here we go for a second time.

Today has been a day of almost complete rest, after a really hectic week preparing for the Chewton Mendip Art, Music and Flower Festival, which took place this weekend. Last week was taken up with collecting display boards and setting them up; sorting and hanging all the art work and other displays and organising the church to fit everything in.

On Friday evening we had a preview of the exhibition, and about 150 people came, so the church was crammed. I was back on duty on Saturday morning, when we had a further steady trickle of people coming to look. On Saturday afternoon we went on the Hidden Garden Trail, to visit six local gardens which were open to the public just for the day. They ranged in size from cottage garden to estate, and it was lovely to be able to have a look round them.

Sunday saw me back on duty in the morning, then in the afternoon we dismantled the exhibition, packaged up all the art, returned the display boards and tidied up the church. Then I had time for a short rest before returning to the church in the evening for the concert. There were two children's choirs in the first half, and the second half had a soloist a folk group and then finally our new choir, Village Voices Community Choir. Our choir has only been singing for ten weeks, but we made a splendid noise - singing in a church helped of course - and received a standing ovation. Our leader then invited members of the audience to join us for a reprise of Tonight, from West Side Story, and about twenty of them came up to join in. It was a wonderful finale to a most successful weekend.

And here's a slideshow showing some of the exhibits in the church, I hope you enjoy it.
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Amelia said...

Amanda, thanks for sharing these pictures...lots of hardwork went into the making of the items...and then the display just made them look even better.

Wish I could have heard you all singing.

Have a great week!

Lynn said...

How exciting to see your quilts displayed. The sculptures and other work all look like wonderful pieces. Are they are locally made? Did your quilts sell?

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

well, it sure sounds like you've had a busy-busy time lately!!!

{{and here I thought you were in your little quilting nook, sewing away on your new machine}}


Gretchen said...

Sounds like a very busy weekend! Loved the photos and the church architecture is wonderful :)

jabblog said...

What talented people you have in your neck of the woods. I really enjoyed this post and the slide show - thank you.

Kay said...

This all sounds so wonderful, Amanda. Sounds like a very successful celebration.
And yes, I do know the frustration with blogging sometimes.

Kay said...

Very impressive. We're all grateful that you were willing to try posting again after the frustration of losing what you'd already put up. Wonderful artwork and crafts! Wow!