Monday, 3 May 2010


Dulverton is a small town on the edge of Exmoor, an area of outstanding natural beauty covering parts of Somerset and Devon in the South East of England. We took our motorhome there and stayed on a site right on the edge of the town for four nights. And we were so lucky with the weather; we had glorious sunshine and were able to sit outside quite a lot.

On Saturday we went out for a long walk in the hills around the town, then had a late lunch in Town Mills before heading back to camp for a rest. Sunday was a very lazy day. We had glorious sunshine, so strolled around the town and read our books for most of the day. On Monday we went on a Land Rover safari, which took us down lots of unmade paths and to hidden parts of Exmoor. We were lucky enough to see quite a lot of Exmoor ponies, although the deer were rather shy and could only be seen in the distance.

I hope you enjoy the slideshow of my photographs.


Amelia said...

Loved the slide show....interesting tidbits of history thrown in was wonderful.

Have a great week....the weahter today is stunning...very little wind - plenty of sunshine and not supposed to get very hot.

Kay said...

Fabulous photos, Amanda. You really did have a beautiful day! I was surprised to see such furry ponies.

Jude said...

Your slide show was informative, i will have to do the same for my holiday if I can work out how to do it. glad you had a good holiday.

Lynn said...

Such a great slide show. I really enjoyed looking at the pictures. I love seeing pictures from peoples travels and just from the differents areas of the world. The architecture and in this case going back to ancient times. The little doorway, is that because people were smaller then - do you think. I've been trying to remember all morning what book I read about the Exmoor ponies in.