Monday, 9 November 2009

A misty autumn day

It's been a truly dreary autumn day, the mist hasn't lifted at all up here on the hill where we live, though it was clearer down in the valley when we went to the dump this morning. So we've had a 'useful' sort of day. This morning we sorted out all of the recycling, together with a couple of chairs that were unreclaimable and took them to the dump. Then we sorted out the garages a bit better so that it's easier to get the car in. I also finished the housework, did some hoovering and a pile of ironing while Christopher sorted out a pile of burberus cuttings. (Woops, spelling mistake, it should actually be berberis!)

We've decided that it's now cold enough to light the stove in the kitchen, as we have no other form of heating there. We've been using the central heating in the rest of the house for a couple of weeks now. I love having the kitchen stove alight, it is so warm and cosy.

And I've just finished another cushion cover for Christmas. I used the tiny stitcheries that Cheryl of Willowberry Designs shared some time back, plus a wonky star in the middle. The pieces for that were so small that I found it quite difficult to be accurate - mind you, I often find it difficult to be accurate!
I know it's only early November, but I'm enjoying getting started on some new Christmas decorations early.


Amelia said...

Gosh, that certainly is a dismal looking picture...would not blame you if you just hopped back into bed.

Perhaps you will get sun later in the week!

Amelia said...

Question - what is burberus? A plant, perhaps?

Janice said...

Well, you've had a productive time despite the dreary weather. Your cushion turned out nicely.

Gina said...

A beautiful photo of the mist.

I love the cushion

Love and hugs GIna xxx

Lynn said...

What a perfect day for staying inside and organizing and cleaning (maybe a little sewing too?). I really like the cushion. The sticheries are very cute but they do look tiny. Did you use a hoop? I think they look adorable with the star in the middle

Kay said...

That first photo is very ghostly. Beautiful, though. I love your cushion cover, Amanda. It will certainly add a feeling of merriment for your house.