Sunday, 15 November 2009

A lazy Sunday

It's 10.30am on Sunday morning and I'm still in bed! Disgraceful. And it's a sunny morning too, a welcome relief after the rain and winds of the last three days. But my excuse is that we had friends to supper last night, and whilst I kept it all very simple, I'm still rather tired. And apart from all the washing up there's nothing much to do today, so why not take it easy? I'm not really a slut, leaving the washing up am I? We don't have a dish washer, and I've never liked spoiling a pleasant evening by having to do the washing up after everyone's gone, so I always leave it to the morning - there's more hot water then anyway! Now, that's not a bad excuse.

On Thursday I braved the wind and the rain and made a trip to Ikea in Bristol. Thank goodness they had an underground car park with a direct entrance into the store, so I didn't get any wetter. Just getting out to the car had soaked me through up to the knees. Luckily, it wasn't too crowded and I was able to amble around and even spent some money. Apart from some coat hangers and Christmas wrapping and a few decorations I bought these:

Aren't these red gingham boxes cheerful. I've no idea what I want them for, but I just loved them. It's the same for the tins - no idea what I'm going to use them for, but they were too cheerful, and cheap, to leave behind.

This chair is destined for the kitchen, so that I can sit by our warm stove in the winter, listen to the radio, and stitch or knit, so I needed some comfortable cushions for it.

And this fabric was so pretty, and so cheap, that I bought some to make a tablecloth for our kitchen table. That's the problem with Ikea, so many things are such really good value that it seems a shame not to take some of them home!


Amelia said...

Sleeping late - time to rise and shine - by the time you read this I am sure you are up and done those a zillon other things.

You selected some neat items at Ikea. The fabric certainly has an interesting design with the birds and leaves are winding around.

Take care - enjoy the rest of the day.

Lynn said...

Doing the dishes and the laundry - that should be the title of the continuing saga of my life! I have the pans from last night looking at me and making me feel guilty right now. Lucky you being close to an Ikea. Our nearest is 3 hours away and Ikea will not let you online order certain items. Like their terrific fabric and sheets. Good for you getting some. I've read that their sheets are perfect for backings. I love those polka dotted canisters!

Kay said...

I slept late this morning, too. I don't know why since I went to bed early.

I have to tell you I love our dishwasher for parties especially. It really makes clean up pretty effortless. We have a dinner party to go to tonight.

I really miss Ikea. We used to love going there. There's no Ikea in Hawaii.

Gretchen said...

It is so nice to treat yourself to a lazy Sunday morning! Love the fabric; I may need to visit my local Ikea to see if they have it here.

anne bebbington said...

I can never go in without spending well over £50 on things I had no idea I needed before the trip :o)

Anita said...

It is always a good idea to sleep in every so often. Looks like a fun day of shopping in spite of the weather. Hope Rosie is feeling better.