Tuesday, 30 December 2008

The last few days of 2008 (155)

Christopher went back to work today for the first time in two and a half weeks; he really has been poorly, though well enough to join in the festivities. On Saturday we had a family lunch party, twelve of us altogether. Since it was so soon after Christmas Day I didn't do a lot of cooking, we just had cold meat, salads, roasted chicken legs and sausages, cheese etc, that sort of thing. I even cheated and bought two desserts - and golly, did I feel guilty about that. We had a lovely time. Number One Son Oliver did a grand job of entertaining four-and-a-half year old Atticus, who was, shall we say, a little over excited! Oliver set up an assault course upstairs and filled the upstairs of our house with smoke from his smoke machine that he uses when working at parties. Atticus was highly entertained, especially when all the smoke alarms kept going off!

Sunday was a quiet day - we needed it too. I made a cover for my new Nintendo DS Lite, with a pocket on the back for all the games I hope to get.
Yesterday was a glorious day, freezing cold but blue skies and bright sunshine, so Christopher and I went out for a walk. It was only short, about three miles, but we went from heathland
From December 2008
to woodland,
From December 2008
over fields and a golf course, and ended up on the top of a hill with a windmill.
From December 2008
From December 2008
Even at 12 noon, the puddles were still frozen and frost was still on the ground, so pretty. On this particular walk we only had to cross two stiles, but often there are many more.
From December 2008
This is me in all the gear - walking boots (to support my dodgy ankles), walking stick (to support my dodgy knees, and fend off wild animals - well, cows, sheep and horses), warm jacket and pixie hat.
From December 2008

Today, I went to a step class. I've been feeling heaps better over the last few weeks and now need to work at getting fit and losing some weight. It was fairly strenuous, and I got rather tired, but I'm interested to see how quickly I recover.

We have no plans for partying at New Year, which suits me well, but I do hope to get a fair amount of sewing done, and perhaps some decorating in the smallest bedroom, which is being turned back into a craft room for me.

With best wishes to you all for a happy, healthy and safe 2009,


craftydiane said...

That is a really neat Nintendo DS Lite case you made. My daughter has a Nintendo DS. I am not sure if it is the Lite one or not, but we got her a game for it and she and my daughter, Tara, and my niece, Rheanna have played that game all week!
Hope you have a Very Blessed New Year,

Brenda said...

Such a spectacular walk with views of everything so clear. Glad to hear you had a pleasant holiday, sounds like you had a very exciting adventure with smoke and alarms. LOL. What we do to keep our youngens happy. Thanks for sharing and have a great New Year!

Amelia said...

Countryside looks so interesting. I bet you did enjoy your jaunt.

Gretchen said...

Such a pretty bag for your Nintendo! Your New Year's plans sounds like mine--staying in and hope to get some sewing done. I decided to start a mystery quilt at www.quiltville.com so I need to get fabric pulled out of my stash for that. Happy New Year and here's to lots and lots of quilting in 2009!

~PakKaramu~ said...

Happy new year and always smiling

Kay said...

Happy New Year, Amanda! I love those photos. Looks like you had a very lovely walk in a very beautiful area.

scraphappy said...

Happy last day of 2008. The scenery on your walk looks just beautiful. Great work on getting out and getting exercise. I hope you have a terrific new year. Too bad you can't resolve to finish off more UFO's like the rest of us.

Miss AJ said...


The browser tells me my last comment was sent twice. If that occurred please delete the first one and only retain the comment on this account.

Thank you

Tanya said...

Beautiful scenery around you! What with your walking gear and the view along the walk I wouldn't think you'd need to go to a step class. But actually it sounds intriging. I might like to try that too.

SueR said...

It tickles me that you got a Nintendo for Christmas. I used to love Nintendo when the kids were little, stayed up until the wee hours playing. I like your case for it. Such beautiful countryside you live in.