Sunday, 30 June 2013

Easter Baskets

Yes, I know it's not Easter but this was originally intended as a spring and Easter quilt. I started it in January intending to get it finished but then I broke my wrist and all plans were delayed. I've now finished it, so it will be ready for next year.

This started as a Craftsy class project, the crosses are part of Elizabeth Hartman's class Modern Quilts. But when I put them on my design wall they just didn't look right, so I added some blank squares and a few more crosses. That looked better, but then the blank squares needed something extra, so I added the baskets. Then of course, the blank areas around the large crosses looked wrong, so I appliqued some flowers. Finally, I was happy with it.

Generally I'm pretty pleased with this quilt; I like the mix of modern with the old fashioned baskets and flowers. It's densely quilted, which took ages as I can only do a bit at a time since my wrist is still quite sort. I had planned to enter it into an exhibition, but there's a problem. It's not hanging straight. I measured it carefully and adjusted it before putting the binding on, but there's still a wave at the bottom. I don't imagine there's anything I can do to improve it this time, short of taking it apart which I'm not inclined to do. 

But, does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can avoid this another time?


Amy said...

Sorry Amanda; I don't have a secret fix for the waviness. Hmmm.... what about starching it when laying flat?

The quilt is AMAZING! And the story of its progress is wonderful. Definitely worthy of a quilt show showing :)

Nina said...

I really like how this turned out! You made great choices along the way and it all works together so well. I wonder if the wavy-ness is created with the quilting. Perhaps the quilting draws up certain areas of the quilt more than others. This was one of my "theories" with my problem quilt. But I don't know what the fix would be. I think it's still worth entering in a quilt show wavy or not!

Adam said...

nice quilt for easter

Kay said...

This is so beautiful, but I'm afraid I'm no good at finding a solution. Oh dear.

Katie said...

Lovely quilt. I suppose you could try blocking it. Stretch it out on a flat surface you can pin to while the quilt is wet and pull it and pin it exactly square. Some people do it on carpet, I put a sheet down on a large section of foam insulation board and used The Tramp's laser level, but there are many ways to do it. Then at least it would hang straight for a show or until you wash it again. :-)