Wednesday, 27 July 2011

A few more photographs from our Devon trip

Goodrington Sands on our one really sunny day

The Amusement Arcade at Goodrington Sands, 

Another view of Totnes High Street

A view of the River Dart

Kingswear - the steam train stopped there and we had to take a ferry across to Dartmouth

Some wonderful windy trees in Agatha Christie's garden

Some cottages in Dittisham, which is opposite Greenway, across the River Dart

The road up from Dittisham harbour - and it carries on just a steeply as that for ages

Dittisham harbour, though you can't actually see the river in this shot


Kay said...

This looks like such a fun, charming trip! I can see how you must have had a fabulous time.

Simone de Klerk said...

What a beautiful place! I want a pink house!!!

Heckety said...

England is soooo different! I never can figure how people who live in houses on steep hill manage to keep their dinner on the table without it all sliding off??? And the tree is amazing! I have quite a collection of tree photos as sometime I want to make an embroidered/appliquéd tree quilt with all the wiggly branches and lovely bark....yeah yeah, dream on buster!!

Lynn said...

Loved your posts from today and yesterday. Seems like it was really an enjoyable trip. Could you go inside Agatha Christie's home and tour it? It's fun to imagine all the writing and working out of characters and mysteries that might have taken place there. Love the picture of the cottages with the water in the distance, so pretty.

Candace said...

Gorgeous photos. You are so lucky to be able to visit such wonderful places. Thank you for sharing with us.