Tuesday, 26 July 2011


We recently spent a few days in Devon, and had a lovely relaxed time. The weather was mixed, of course, with one very stormy day, several damp and dreary days and one or two sunshiny days. But what else would we expect in a British summer. We read lots of books, had lots of coffees and lunches out, just watching the world go by. We went to Agatha Christie's holiday home on one day, travelling by steam train and two ferries and we saw an Agatha Christie play at the local theatre. Very relaxing.

Totnes High Street

A gluten free homity pie that I was delighted to find in one of the cafes that we went to

Beach huts at Goodrington Sands
The steam train that took us on the first part of our journey to Agatha Christie's holiday home
The Christie Belle, the ferry that took us from Dartmouth to Greenway, where Agatha Christie had her holiday home
Storm clouds gathering
Agatha Christie's holiday home, now owned by the National Trust.

Dartmouth Station. Although the station was built in 1864, there was never a train line built to serve it. The nearest the line came was on the other side of the river at Kingswear, where the steam train took us. Sadly the money ran out and they were never able to complete their plans to build a railway bridge over the River Dart.
Dartmouth Naval College in the hills above Dartmouth harbour.


Amelia said...

Enjoyed the pictures...sounds like a fun adventure.

scraphappy said...

What lovely scenery. Looks like a great trip. So glad you are enjoying your summer.

jabblog said...

It sounds like a lovely holiday. The weather is a secondary consideration to the overall ambience.

Anita said...


It looks like you had a wonderful time. The only time I have been on a train was in the 70's when we went to Denmark. It's always nice to get away but equally nice to come home. Glad you had a good time.

Kay said...

I remember seeing something about Agatha Christie's home a while ago. It sounds like such a gorgeous place where she found peace and solitude. I just LOVED your photos, Amanda!

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Oooooo......what a fun trip I had via your slideshow :0) Beautiful pictures Amanda----lovely relaxation.