Sunday, 19 September 2010

What have I been up to?

It's absolutely ages since I last posted. I don't know why, I've been busy enough since we got back from Edinburgh, but I just haven't got around to writing about anything.

Our WI (Women's Institute) group are having a competition for our October meeting, simply entitled 'Autumn', so I thought I'd make a little quilt.

The background is simply quilted with blue curves, and I've outline quilted around each of the leaves and letters. The tree has free motion quilting all over it using a variegated brown thread. I bought some brown felt ric rac, which I've never seen before and which is a bit wider than the narrow ric rac.

Whilst I was online buying the brown ric rac I couldn't resist this:

It's hugely jumbo ric rac in turquoise, purple and mint green. I've no idea what I'm going to do with it, but isn't it terrific.

It's always a bit sad at this time of the year, when we start the autumn tidying; pulling up the spent vegetable plants and annuals, clearing leaves, getting tools tidied up and cleaned. We've still got loads of tomatoes in the greenhouse, as well as leeks, swede, parsnip, turnip, swiss chard and squash growing in the garden, along with the last few beetroot, carrots and spring onions. And there are a few lettuces still there too. But I'm reaching the time when I'm going to have to start buying vegetables again, and I certainly begrudge that. Next year I'm going to try and be more organised and get some more winter vegetables in to the ground in time.

DH has decided to cut down a tree - as you do, especially when there's plenty of other jobs that really ought to take precedence!

We have (or had, I should say) a large cherry tree, which is far too near the house, never produces any cherries, loses its leaves before any other tree in the garden, dropping them into the pond, and cuts out a lot of light. So we took the decision to cut it down. So yesterday Christopher cut off all the branches (dropping even more leaves into the pond of course! And spreading them all over the garden) and cut them up either for firewood or to go to the dump. Now he's planning to cut the trunk down bit by bit, which will make lovely firewood. I don't know if he's got any plans to sweep up all the fallen leaves!


Karen said...

Your tree piece is very interesting. I have never heard of felt rick rack. You made good use of it in the project.

Amelia said...

Amanda, that little autumn quilt is so precious...lots of thought and work went into it. I have never heard of felt ric-rac...but oh pretty.

Yes, clearing out the flower beds and garden is a end of the summer of a bitter sweet time. We still are getting lots and lots of will be leaving it until frost or it quits producing - which ever comes first.

DH of yours had better be careful with climbing and cutting on that tree. Is he using a chain saw with this job?

scraphappy said...

I have to chuckle at Christopher cutting down a tree when lots of other jobs need to be done. At the beginning of the weekend, DH and I sat down and carefully went over the list of what needed to be done deciding what would wait and what we would do now. Then I worked on the things we agreed upon while he trotted off to work on the "later" list. I keep thinking that getting work done is good, no matter what the order. I am often enough guilty of the the same thing that I can't throw stones. The firewood will be nice to have and having that job done will free up time to work on something else.

Kay said...

Tell Christopher not to cut the trunk down too low. We keep a length of the stump to make it easier to use for leverage to uproot. Good luck!

That "little" quilt is just awesome, Amanda. You are awesome!

Candace said...

Your little quilt is certainly original and seasonal. It is a beautiful and decorative piece of art and it will be fun to hang it each year.
The ric-rac was quite a find.

Tanya said...

Lovely little quilt and the leaves look like they've been caught by the wind!

Lynn said...

I love your autumn quilt. Is it your own pattern or did you purchase it. Either way it is wonderful and perfect for fall. I love the patterned leaves and the hat is darling. Well done!! Felt ric-rac - very interesting.
I have learned after my years of marriage, that it doesn't matter how many other jobs need to be done, if there is one involving chainsaws, axes, and danger, that's the #1 job to be done. Cleaning up is optional. My advice go inside, close the curtains, turn up some music, just tune it out. But best to have some sort of first aid kit available. Believe me I know about this.

Anita said...

Very nice little quilt. Wish my brain came up with cute designs. I seem to be a pattern person.
Our leaves are changing and before we know it it will be winter again. At least this winter I have a sewing room and the quilting machine will be here and set up.

Bec said...

A lovely little autumn quilt, fantastic work!