Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Something slightly different

Over the last couple of years I've bought several pieces of fabric to make into clothes, and they've just been sitting there, waiting for me to get round to making them up, but somehow that day never came. Suddenly, last week, the urge came upon me to make them up and I've made a skirt and blouse (no photographs because although they're quite pretty in real life they just looked awful in the photograph); a jacket and another blouse. So now I've just got one piece of fabric left to make into another jacket.

I just fell in love with this corduroy fabric when I saw it and had to buy some, though I had no idea what to make with it. I've ended up with a rather large jacket, intentionally so, as I will wear it over several layers of jumpers in the winter. I've had something similar for about ten years that DH brought back from Peru and it's looking rather worn out, so this will be a great replacement.

This is a lovely lightweight and floaty voile which will be great if the summer weather continues. I've made it with three quarter length sleeves, which I think look more flattering for my 'older' arms! Not that they look too bad, I just prefer to cover them up.

The fabric arrived this morning for the latest block for the Euro Bee swap that I'm in, so I just got on and sewed it straight away. Quick and easy to sew and lovely fabrics too.


scraphappy said...

Your clothes are looking lovely. I used to sew cute dresses when the girls were young, but I've lost the urge along the way. It is nice to be able to sew clothes and have them just the way you like them.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

So impressive Amanda! I am NOT a clothes sewer; I'll stick to quilting and will admire the clothes and knitting that others do and give them pats on the back!

So.....{{pat on back}} LOVELY clothing! A job well done!!!!

Amelia said...

Amanda, love those jackets you made...colors are so bright and cheerful.

That block is a different twist...I like - I like - I like.

Rhonda said...

Love the outfits and love that block.

Lynn said...

Wonderful!!! The jacket is terrific I love the fabric and the blouse so pretty. I like the block. Is the pattern a tutorial from somewhere. I saw a similar one, bought some background fabric to get started on a scrappy star quilt and now I can't find the tutorial.

Candace said...

Such pretty clothes, Amanda. I think I should try making some for myself, maybe it would be a nice change from slacks and tshirts, lol.

Heckety said...

The piecing of that block is ever so accurate!! Would that be yourself or the posh machine??? This sort of blouse is very practical for our ha! ha! summers- I've a similar one which has finally disintegrated after many years' wear and will have to make another to replace it I think.
But that corduroy jacket is the bees knees in my opinion! What pattern did you use for it? The fabric is particularly beautiful, but the cut makes it hang nicely too- and corduroy can be a pig to get to hang rightly. Congrats all round really!

So what'll your next project be now you've reached perfection??!!

orchidlover said...

Love the jacket

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Kay said...

Truly, truly impressive, Amanda. I love the jacket. I can hardly believe that's corduroy. How gorgeous. The voile blouse will look so pretty on you, too.

This has been a weird summer. It's usually so hot, but it's been very comfortable which I'm quite happy with. Incredibly, some days it's even a little too cool. How weird is that?