Friday, 23 April 2010

A few finishes

I seem to have been pretty busy this month, and we're well over half way through now, but I don't seem to have many finishes. Anyway, here's a few.

These are the goodies I made for my give-away, which went winging their way across to Jo in Tas - there's a pile of red and pink fabric squares, a bookmark, an appliqued teatowel, a heart pincushion and an I Love to Sew embroidery hanging.
From April 2010

I've had this pattern from a magazine for ages and made it up over a couple of days.
From April 2010

I went on a workshop some weeks ago on making maps out of fabric, and this is the outcome, which I gave to Christopher for his birthday (as well as the all-singing, all-dancing coffee maker which was a joint Christmas and birthday present). It's a reasonably accurate map of the area around our house - you might be able to see that our house is a bit lighter than the others, and it's L shaped instead of just a square.
From April 2010
And I've finally found a use for some of the fabric that I bought some months ago and have been enjoying looking at since then. We decided to change our plastic mugs in the camper van for china mugs, as they're so much nicer to drink from. So, of course, we needed something to put them in to protect them when we're travelling. I had a pattern for a bottle carrier bag which I was able to protect.
From April 2010
From April 2010
The next job will be to make some more for the wine glasses and the tumblers.


Amelia said...


Lovely pieces - you do such beatiful work...really like the one you made to store your china cute and practical.

I am still hand quilting on a scrappy string quilt...need to get started on the piecing of another one...always like to have one that I can do hand quilting at night.

Enjoy the weekend...this coming Monday a lady I met thru blogging is coming to visit...along with her husband...they are from Arizona and are in Oklahoma visiting relatives... I am getting real excited.


Janet said...

Love all your finishes. I'm sure Jo will love everything. What a neat idea for keeping your cups in one piece while traveling. I hate drinking out of plastic glasses or cups--not quite sure. Have a good day!

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Oh wow! I love that little protecter/carrier project for the cups. Did you have a pattern or design it yourself? The fabric sure is adorable!

scraphappy said...

Such a cute cup holder. It really is quite a lot to get done while still having taken trips and done all the normal stuff of life.

Joy said...

Love all your finishes Amanda ... but that mug bag is my favourite, what a fab idea!!!
Joy :o)

Jo in TAS said...

Thank-you! I love all the goodies you sent me! Your mug holder is an excellent idea, nothing worse than drinking tea out of plastic!

Gretchen said...

Great finishes! I really like the cup holder. That is so handy and pretty. Did you design the pattern?

Kay said...

Oh my goodness, you HAVE been busy! They are all just beautiful.