Thursday, 14 January 2010

More snow

We had yet more snow on Tuesday night, and I'm really getting fed up with it. Pretty it might be; fun, it isn't.
From January 2010
Yesterday evening I had to go out to collect Christopher from Bath Spa station, about a 30 minute drive. The main roads were fine, though very foggy, but the roads from our house to the main road were dreadful, really slippery and I was sliding about all over the place. By the time we came home though it had started to thaw a little, and we couldn't get home by our usual route as the car wouldn't go up the rather steep hill. Luckily we are able to use a different road, where the hill is less steep. I had visions of having to abandon the car and walk home but thankfully that didn't come about. This morning there's a steady thaw and a thick fog. Let's hope the thaw continues.

At least I've done lots of sewing, by machine, with the electric heater on in my sewing room, or by hand, sitting by the fire in the kitchen.
I've finished a waistcoat for Alexander - and I almost he doesn't like it, as I love it!
And this morning I've made a tote bag out of another unwanted block to take this weekend to my sister-in-law - we're off to a big family get-together.

I've also been getting on well with An Angel's Story blocks and the basket blocks for the two single bed quilts I'm making.

I hope you're keeping warm, if it's winter where you are, and cool, if it's summer.


Candace said...

Sounds like a scary drive, glad that you and Christopher got home safely. Love the vest, maybe Alexander will share it with you, as I don't think he won't like it.
The tote is very cute, hope you have a fun family get together.

Gina said...

Love the waistcoat.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Heckety said...

More snow? That's too bad. And Bath Spa Station is in something of a hollw if I remember correctly...or was it just that luggage is always heavier going back to College...Driving in these conditions isn't funny, the Hub slid into the ditch again on Monday, but no damage. Third time he's inadvertantly left the road this month.
Love the waistcoat...and the bag!

Amelia said...

Love the vest (waistcoat)...have always likes black and white together.

I bet you are tired of the snow...I am so ready for spring.

Anita said...

Really nice waistcoat. Maybe you'll be able to keep it and make Alexander something else. It may be freezing, but it sounds like you are getting things done. Stay safe and warm.

Kay said...

Beautiful tote and vest, Amanda! Congratulations! I'm sorry the snow is getting tiresome but it sure is beautiful.

I had to laugh when I heard the news anchor in Hawaii ask everybody to send in comments on how we're dealing with Hawaii's cold weather. It got down to 60 on Oahu. I actually had my mom use my winter ear muffs because she said she was still cold with her sweat shirt, sweater and a blanket.

maria said...

Thankfully the snow here is thawing.
The bag looks ideal as a beach bag. Carry on sewing!

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

ah yes---winter. Beautiful to take pictures of, but NOT beautiful to live in!

I LIKE that fabric in the waistcoat!!!!

Kay said...

How strange... I thought I commented on this post. Just goes to show you where my brain is at.

I love your snow photo. It looks gorgeous. Your vest and tote bag are just beautiful, too.

About exercise...
No, I haven't been keeping up with it and I'm very ashamed of myself. I had every intention. Really, I did. Sigh...

Tanya said...

Love your waistcoat! Fantastic! Take a picture of Alexander wearing it!