Sunday, 10 January 2010

The Big Freeze

The freeze continues here, the temperature hasn't risen above freezing for days, generally hovering around -4 or -5; some of the snow has melted when the sun has been shining but most of it's still here, and now it's snowing again. The main roads are reasonable, but our little road is becoming increasingly treacherous. These icicles are on the back of our house, which doesn't get any sun at all. They're about 16 inches long.
From January 2010

So, no excuses not to sew. I've spent a lot of time preparing the remaining blocks for An Angel's Story, which I'm keen to finish over the next few months. I've also put together a load of basket blocks using scraps; I'm planning to make two twin size quilts using similar fabrics for our larger guest room.

I've also made these cushion covers using blocks from my only UFO. I made the blocks for Piece and Plenty, a BOM from The Quilt Room in Dorking, but never really liked the colours as they came together. I knew this was one I'd never finish, so I've got rid of the blocks I didn't care for at all, and kept the rest. I've used three for these cushion covers, and will use the rest for other things.
From January 2010

And finally, I've made this little wall hanging for my niece's birthday; her birthday is today but I fear her present will be a little late since we had problems getting to the post office.
From January 2010

But now, we're about to brave the elements and head for Midsomer Quilting, as I've got a voucher burning a hole in my pocket and a long list of things I need so I can get on with my quilting.


Amelia said...

Sounds like you are defintely in the cold season there. Are you as tired of it as I am?

Your "Abigail" work is precious.

Stay warm...don't get lost in a snow drift.

scraphappy said...

You have gotten quite a bit done with the cold weather keeping you trapped inside. I am still amazed that you are able to continue to function with now UFOs. I just seem to lack either the disciple or the attention span to work on one project continuously start to finish. It is something to strive for though.

Quilter Kathy said...

Such great photos on your post today! Love the icicles! I haven't seen many around here yet this winter, but I enjoy looking for them.
The gift for your niece is beautiful!

Clare said...

Wow - that's one icicle! We've got snow, but have yet to get the really cold temperatures. We've maxed out at -1°C. Tonight is going to be -7 and tomorrow night -9.

Local roads are impassable, but the main roads are clear and, would you believe it, France is running out of grit!

Kay said...

We've been seeing and hearing on the news about the cold and ice that is gripping England. Your icicles are really long. I'd say it would give our Chicago icicles a run for their money.

Still, I'm glad it's giving you time to get some sewing done. Those pillows are absolutely gorgeous! I'm really impressed Amanda!!!

Lynn said...

How sweet the Abigail is. What a lucky girl your niece is, sure she'll love it. Only one ufo, you know I admire you so much. What beautiful covers the blocks make. So clever of you to take something that you weren't happy with and use it to your satisfaction.
I think after today it's supposed to warm up here. I'll keep my fingers crossed for some warmer weather for you too!

Rhonda said...

It's cold here too but our temmps are around 21*.....Cold days are, as you've said, great for sewing. Looks like you've accomplished alot so you deserve that shopping trip. Take care and stay warm.

Gina said...

Love the cushions and the name plate.

I must admit to being a cushion maker when I decide that I no longer like the blocks in a quilt. They make great quick presents aswell. Another quickie is to use them on the outside of Tote bags

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Pia said...

Hi Amanda.
Beautiful icicles, but dangerous.
I see you're joining OPAM and Peg is linking to a wrong blog from her sidebar on you name. Just thought I'd let you know in case you want it changed.
Hugs Pia

Heckety said...

Love those cushions, and your Abigail embroidery!Very unusual. And your icicles are amazing! Our temperatures are equally yuck but with gale force winds we certainly don't run to icicles!
Thank you for visiting my place and your kind comments...roibos ladies of the world unite! And have you read The Ladies Detective Acency, and Mma Ramotswe? I've been drinking rooibos since I was a teenager but lots of people connect it to Mma Ramotswe now.

Candace said...

Burr, we are finally warming up here, but supposed to be another cold front coming in for the weekend. Not anything like your cold though. The pillows and wall hanging are really cute, I'm sure your niece will love her wall hanging. It's always nice to see your name, especially when you're young. Hope you enjoyed your trip out and found some goodies at the quilt shop.

Carol VR said...

It's too bad we can't enjoy the icicles without the cold that they are associated with...burrrr!!!