Friday, 26 June 2009

Ups and Downs.

Well, to be fair, there have been far more ups than downs. On Tuesday, when I was driving Christopher to the station at Bath one of our shock absorbers broke. So when I got back I had to find a garage to take it to, which turned out to be about half an hour's walk from the centre of Wells. Then, by the time I'd walked there I was shaking with hunger and had to find something to eat before I caught the bus home. Of course, with all my food intolerances I couldn't find anything and ended up eating something that I knew would upset me - and of course it did, so that was Tuesday evening wiped out.

Wednesday was a very pleasant day though. Gina, from Quilting in the Valleys, came to visit and stayed for lunch. It was lovely to actually put a face to someone I've got to know a bit through her blog and the odd email. She brought me a beautiful rose bush for the garden and a pot of lavender.

Yesterday I woke up with what I think is probably a cold. If that sounds a bit odd and indecisive, that's exactly how my colds are. I get a bit of a sore throat and get a bit bunged up and sore eyes, and that's how it stays for days, until eventually it either goes away or turns into a proper cold. So I'm now in the in-between stage of feeling a bit under the weather and waiting to see what happens.

I've been busy sorting out bedding for the new motorhome, cutting down some old king size duvet covers to fit the smaller duvets we need, but I did find time to make a hot water bottle cover. I use a hot pad heated in the microwave most nights when I go to bed, unless it's really warm; I find them soothing and comforting, especially if my tummy's feeling a bit delicate as it so often does. We don't have a microwave in the motorhome, hence the need for the hot water bottle.


Amelia said...

So sorry to hear you were not feeling all chipper - let us hope it is not a cold and you get to feeling great.

Wonderful to hear that Gina came to visit you...she seems like a pleasant enjoyable individual. Does she live very far from you?

Take care -

maria said...

I hope you feel better soon. Colds are such a nuisance, mines just about gone now.

Kay said...

Oh what fun to meet another blogger, Amanda. That rose is such a pretty shade and I don't believe I've ever had a lavender plant.

I'm sorry you're having to fight a cold. Chicken soup always works for me but maybe it's just because my mother always told me it would work. I put in a bit of ginger root and a teaspoon of vinegar to draw the calcium from the chicken bones.

Tracey said...

Amanda so sorry your feeling so unwell at mo, have plenty of rest and get better soon,

I have a new blog now after losing my old one somehow,

Take care

Lynn said...

What a clever idea to cut king-sized duvet covers down. I went to your other blog and read about your motorhome. How exciting! When will your traveling start? Nice to think of 2 of my blog friends visiting. Gina sent me a beautiful christmas swap last year. Lovely flowers she gave you.

Gina said...

love the hot water bottle.
I have to admit that it may be my fault you are feeling poorly. I've been bunged up and feeling a bit off colour as well. Sorry

Love and hugs Gina xxx