Monday, 27 May 2013

C'est la vie!

We're just home from a rather cold and soggy week in France. We took our motorhome and went with friends who know the area we stayed in - southern Normandy - well. What can I say about our week? It was an experience, yes, that's a good way of describing it.

We had our first experience taking our motorhome abroad; I survived two ferry journeys, six hours each, without having a panic attack; I practiced a little French; we saw something of the area. We thoroughly enjoyed the company of our friends and had some extremely entertaining evenings playing cards. We had some good food both in our motorhome and in local restaurants.

On the other hand, it rained nearly every day; it was so cold I wore a vest, shirt and jumper every day and a thickish coat when we went out, I even wore gloves occasionally. But on the whole we enjoyed our trip.

I haven't got many photographs to share, mostly buildings and French rain, but here are just a few to show you.

We did have a bit of sunshine on one day and were able to sit outside, but can you see how the wedges under our wheels seem to be sinking into the ground!

The campsite was small and beautifully maintained. Serge, the Guardian, was constantly going round with his mower, rake and leaf blower.

This park was right next to the campsite, and the house contained a Lace Museum. Don't you think the house looks just like a doll's house?

What can I say?

This was the tiniest house, barely wide enough for the door and two windows. I imagine it must have had just the one small room on each floor, unless it went back a long way.

The most beautiful tiling patterns.

One of the boulangeries in the town, with a little scene in the window.

Dry but cold. We went for a lovely meal in this restaurant.

We paid a visit to the National Stud, where there were lots of horses in the stables, and some wonderful old carriages.

I think this horse was having a laugh at our expense!


Nina said...

So sorry your weather was cold. The campground looks beautiful. In fact everything looks nice except for the weather!

scraphappy said...

What lovely photos you shared. Hard to tell from them how chilly it really was. Glad you enjoyed your trip despite a few difficulties.

Adam said...

cool horse

Lynn said...

How exciting to take your motor home. Do you think you would return again if the weather is warmer? Beautiful pictures, and some lovely architecture.

Candace said...

Beautiful photos of to me an exotic part of the world, as always. Thank you for sharing.

Kay said...

How amazing that you can just drive to France. That's fantastic! Your photos are terrific. Sorry it was chilly though.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Wonderful pictures! I loved your post and reading about your trip. My husband is trying to convince me to travel to France, but like yourself I'm a bit panicked about the journey and the prospect of taking a caravan and all. Perhaps I shouldn't be so worried and just get on with it :o)