Monday, 29 April 2013

Jumping right in

Sew Sweetness

I've taken the plunge! It's so long since I took part in a QAL and as I'm finishing my City & Guilds course in early June I think I need something new to join in with. I love the blocks in this quilt, so even though I promised myself I wouldn't make another big quilt for a while I think I just have to try. I've bought the book for my iPad, using the Kindle App, so now all I need to do is to decide on fabrics and the layout.

Is anyone else joining in with this?


Candace said...

Oh no, Amanda. You are really tempting me. I have to think about it though, company is coming today.

Nina said...

I was really tempted to join this QAL but it seems like I have plenty of other projects going just now. This is a great pattern! I hope you post about your progress so I can enjoy it through you!

Kay said...

Have you healed properly already, Amanda? Please be careful using your arm. However, I know your quilt will be fabulous from everything I've seen you do. Good luck!